Mapping daily runs (Read 94 times)


    I use the map feature mainly after my run to figure out how far I went.  I just map out the route and get the distance.


    Is there any chance we could get a button on the map page that, once I have mapped out the route I ran today, would then bring me to the workout log and input this distance into the distance for that workout?  I know we can save routes, but I tend to just run a lot of different random routes, so this would be a really cool feature.





    an amazing likeness

      Hey Jeff...have you heard about these gps gizmos they have now which log where you ran and then amazingly record it all using satellites from freakin' outer space?  Really ought to check that stuff out.


      Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.

      probably not fast enough

        Jeff: so either you and Milktruck are buddies, or Milktruck is pretty snarky.  Having logged over 15k miles on this website, I guess you're aware of GPS watches and so forth, so, best wishes, hope someday I like running enough to run that many random miles!

        an amazing likeness

          It was intended as a gentle 'ribbing' about the work Jeff does with mapping to back into distance of his runs vs just using a gps device...

          Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.