Gah...we think my dad had a stroke this AM! (Read 681 times)

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    Sad My sister called a bit ago. This AM my dad didn't want to get out of bed (he and my mom were staying down with my sister and her boys). He thought it was Sat., had a hard time getting around and was just generally confused and making references to things that happened 15 or so years ago. My mom is an RN and worked for 14 years or more in a nursing home...she thinks my dad had a stroke. Hopefully a mild one, but still not a good thing. I HATE living so far from my parents. It's a solid 10 hour drive to get around Lake MI and the ferries aren't yet running. We just lost my FIL to cancer in Nov. and now I'm forced to really consider the mortality of one of my folks. My dad likely won't be able to work if he has had a stroke, either. He does electrical work and appliance repair and if he can't drive he can't work. I doubt my folks can live on one income. As it is they are both in their early 60s and can't contemplate retirement any time soon, even with 2 incomes. Damned cigarettes. I'm certain if it is a stroke that his years of heavy smoking are the cause. One of my best friends is watching her mom die of lung cancer from smoking. That shit makes me so scared and angry. k

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        Sheesh. Hang in there and let us know if there is anything we can do.

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          Thanks, guys. Smile k

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            Kirsten-- I'm really sorry to hear this, and I know how helpless you must feel living so far away. My folks live about 12 hours away (actually in NW Indiana, along Lake MI) and we just found out my mom has breast cancer. Right now it looks like treatment might just require a lumpectomy, but they won't know for sure until they actually open her up. My best friend died not even a year ago after her 10 year battle with breast cancer, and I'm feeling really helpless being this far away.... Sad Please know that I will be thinking of your family and sending positive thoughts to all of you! C-

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              Oh, Carol...I am so sorry to hear about your mom. If there is anything I can do to help, just ask. I am only a couple of hours from the NW Indiana area (we drive though that area every time we go to Chicago or WI to visit my family). I just talked to my sister. They do believe my dad had a stroke, but they think it was quite mild. So far it looks like what is most affected is his speech or ability to put thoughts into words. They think he will probably recover almost fully, but right now his biggest issue appears to be confusing names--he has subbed his cousins names with my siblings (calling my brother after his male cousin and my sister after his female cousin--my dad and his cousins were very much like siblings growing up). But his sense of humor is intact and he's cracking jokes, so that makes me feel better. I have a very funny family and the thought of something like a stroke changing a family member's personality scares me almost more than any threats of physical damage. My dad wouldn't be himself anymore if he were to lose his wiseass persona. k

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                I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Let's hope he'll have a full recovery. Sad
                  Wow, really sorry to hear that zoom-zoom. Glad to hear about the prognosis though. We'll be sending the healing vibes your dad's way.
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                      K, My dad, who was quite active, suffered a stroke in his early 60's and continued working and living a very active life until it was cut short by cancer Angry.. But my point to you is that with few changes, there is no reason to believe he cannot recover fully (that's what my prayers will be focused on, anyway!). Carol, Breast cancer is a very sobering issue when it strikes someone close to you. Both my mom and my sister are survivors and doing great! Advances in treatment are amazing, here's hoping your family will come through this with only a scare! Hang in there girls! Lynn B

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                        Oh no... I'm so sorry Kirsten. You know I'm right around the corner so if you need anything at all, just let me know. I'm realllly glad to hear the recovery prognosis. Let us know how he's doing. (((HUGS)))
                          I'm sorry to hear about your dad, it sounds like his stroke was mild enough and he should have a good recovery, thank goodness. Strokes are something that I'm sadly very familiar with in my family(my aunt on my dad's side), my husband's family (his grandmom) and my ex-husband's family(his mom). There are so many different kinds of strokes, as I have learned over the years. Preventative medicine has kept my ex-MIL from having more strokes after she had a series of mini strokes last year. She is still recovering but has not had any more thanks to the medicine. Your dad's health and usual 'wiseass' persona will be in my thoughts and prayers today! Smile Tell him to throw away those stupid cancer sticks!!


                            Tell him to throw away those stupid cancer sticks!!
                            I second that! Sorry to hear about your Dad, Zoom. Glad to hear that it was mild and has a good chance at full recovery.

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                              (((hugs))) KIrsten and Carol - I am so sorry to hear about your news. You and your families will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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                                We to have delt and are dealing with strokes here. My late FIL and my MIL both. Our hearts go out to you and yours. May his recovery be swift and complete

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