Brooklyn Half Marathon (Read 220 times)


    Did anyone else run the Brooklyn Half Marathon this past weekend (well, 14,000 others did, but I'm wondering if anyone on RA did).


    They changed the course this year to allow for more runners, and it actually seemed to work great.  


    I got to the start a little later than I wanted, but was let in to the start line when one of the race organizers recognized me (and my bib let's me in too, so I wasn't "cutting" ahead).  My lovely wife was nice enough to take my baggage to the check area for me, one less hassle. 


    The new course cuts around Prospect Park and then into the park for a full loop before exiting and making a b-line straight out to Coney Island.  Weather was great, sunny and around 60 degrees (though it was significantly warmer at the end and 80 later in the day).  


    I had some serious stomach issues from mile 3 onward.  Despite waking up early, eating breakfast, having a coffee and walking the mile and a half from my apt t to the start, things did not "move around" as I was hoping, which has actually never happened to me, so I did suffer a bit on the run.

    But, that aside, I managed a HUGE PR.  I bested my previous BK Half time by 7 minutes and my best Half Marathon by almost 3 minutes, ending with a 1:23 and a big smile.  Guess my increased mileage speedwork sessions are paying off!


    I know I could have knocked a good minute or maybe two off, my legs felt amazing and my stride felt effortless, but when I'd speed up, my stomach disagreed and I had visions of what would happen if I pushed the pace, so I kept steady and safe and it worked out well.  I didn't want to have to jump into the ocean at the end.


    Anyone else have a good time racing it this weekend?

    HTFU?  Why not!

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