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    Hey. I just checked out the new garmin upload feature. It's fantastic. I love it. Many props. Unfortunately, I rarely use windows or OSX and don't have access to the garmin plug in. The good news is that I develop software for a living and would be happy to whip up an application to do the trick. I was wondering if RA might be able to publish a web service or a form ( or anything really) that I could write software against to post Garmin data? Of course I would be happy to donate/open source/keep quite this software or whatever it is you wanted me to do. Is anyone else thinking about doing the same? James
      James, I'll be adding the ability to upload gpx and history files soon. That's probably the closest you would get to automation for a while since having a webservice opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of security. We'll see.
        I would like to second the linux support. I understand that it would be easier if Garmin would support linux, but... Oh and I would be willing to help also.


          I have experimented a bit with importing the .gpx file from a Forerunner into Linux using gpsbabel. It dumps all the runs currently on the Garmin into a single route file. I wrote a script a while back (in python or perl I think) that will parse the file and write out only the runs you want to individual files. I will pull out the script as I haven't used it in a while, and post it here once I make sure it still works. Once .gpx uploading works on RA I can see the procedure on Linux as being something like this: 1. Run a script to download the data from the Garmin to a single file using gpsbabel 2. Either manually or automatically a script runs that shows a list of all runs contained in the file (labeled by date/time) 3. Select the run you want to extract, save it to a file 4. Upload that file to RA using the file import function Granted, not as easy as Windows, but hey, I'm not using Linux because everything is easier.
            GPX data is not the same as history file. It probably only contains route data and no workout info. I'm not positive on this one though.
              Eric and others, It would appear that gpsbabel on Linux supports importing in the Garmin Training Center format. I was able to load the file from a Forerunner using this command: gpsbabel -t -w -r -i garmin -f usb: -o gtrnctr -F out.tcx Then I zipped it and uploaded to RA. It seemed to find all the run data except it merged them all together into a single workout. Basically there's one extremely long run on there of about 500 miles, which includes all the distance between the starting points of the runs. Eric, do you think there might be some problem with the way gpsbabel is loading the training center data? If you can see the file in my account you're obviously welcome to look at it, or if you would like the copy as I imported it, I can send it to you. Thanks again for all the great work!
                zer0vector, I suspect that gpsbabel did not mark each entry as such, and lumped everything together. When the data comes off the GPS, each entry is clearly marked. My guess is that gpsbabel's data extraction code is out of date. Garmin has introduced several new function calls that lets you download workout data. Gpsbabel are downloading route information instead, which does not contain workout data boundaries.
                  I would also love to see an app for uploading garmin data and importing it as simply as a windows user would. Sure you can manually use gps babel, zip, and upload but I would really appreciate an easier way.

                    I realize this is an old post, but I have some new information.  I have successfully cobbled together a set of scripts which automatically download the data from my Forerunner 205, convert the .gmn file to .tcx, zip it and upload it to RA.  And all this happens automatically when the Garmin is hooked up to the charger!  I am running Kubuntu Karmic, here is a brief overview of the steps:


                    install garmin-forerunner-tools (this is in the repos for Ubuntu)

                    follow http://developer.garmin.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=753&sid=ab3e116c5a681310b2e34eb7870994a5

                    and install the deb listed there, called garmin-upload-tools

                    mess around with get-new-gmn-from-device.sh and upload-file-to-mb.pl

                    I changed the get-new-gmn-from-device.sh file to point to the gmn2tcx script installed by garmin-upload-tools and added a line to zip the resulting tcx. 


                    I then edited the get-new script to point directly to the upload-file-to-mb.pl script and modified the upload-file script to point to RunningAhead rather than MB.


                    Actually, this was a ton of work, but it works perfectly, only the latest run is uploaded and it takes almost no time at all.  If anyone wants more information, I can email them my modified scripts, which should work on a comparable Linux install.  My email is greg (at) rhobard.com



                      Even newer and better news! There is work on a plugin that will allow Garmin Connect Plugin to upload data from your device to RunningAhead.


                      Unfortunately, the RunningAhead support is still in development, and I couldn't get it to work. But, it definitely allows you to install Garmin Connect Plugin and then connect your device on Geocaching website. So we are close!



                        I've have mixed success with my 405 and Ubuntu using the method outlined in the following blog comment:


                          I posted a how to on getting this to work with the 305 on linux.



                            it is a pain, to just download the data off of a 405. I dont care about having something upload the data fofr me automatically. I just want an easy quick reliable way to get the data off my watch and onto RA


                              I have been using Braiden's script (braiden.org) to upload from my 305 to Garmin Connect. It works great. I just plug the watch in, run the script, and its done.


                              I'd like to modify it to use with Running Ahead. Does any one know how to get a curl script to upload the .tcx directly to running ahead? I guess I need the url to send the file to.