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    I realize this is probably a stupid question but I'm not sure how to measure the "quality" of the run. Can someone explain? As the effort goes up so does the quality? Is tempo runs higher quality than hills? Please explain.
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          You mean those ratings in the training log? I am baffled by those also. Big grin


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                I use quality as a measure of how well I stuck to the intent of the run. Effort is an absolute measure of how hard I went. Easy runs are usually a 2-4 on the effort scale. Hard runs towards 8-9. Races are usually 10. For quality: Easy Run - Run it Easy under my HR ceiling = 10 Easy Run - Ignore the HRM and do speedwoork = 1 Hard Run - Really rock the hard effort intervals = 10 Hard Run - Stop halfway for beers = 1 Maybe I should rethink the last one.

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                  I think it is meant to be subjective and open to interpretation. I rate it based on how I felt on a given run... if I had no energy and couldn't wait for it to be over I'll rate it low. If I felt great at the end I'll rate it higher.

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                    I base it on a subjective how I feel scale. If I feel ucky, but still got the workout in, that's high quality. Others base quality on perceived effort. 12 miles steady followed by 4-6 at tempo is a high quality workout for example.
                      MD Typically most of your runs are easy conversational pace. When you add "quality" or a "work out" it means race pace work, tempo work, interval work, Farleks, fast finish long run. This is what quality means in running terms. Generally, most runners will do two quality work outs per week. I do one in mid week (slow tempo longer, faster tempo shorter, CV reps, race pace stuff etc.) and I add some faster running to my long run for my second quality session to make it a work out.

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                        NateFromRI nailed it. It's totally subjective & up to you how to rate your own runs. The majority of my runs are Easy runs so, I usually rate the effort between 5-7. Quality depends how I felt during the run. No aches & pains or a longish run without bonking gets a higher rating.
                          DGB2N nailed it. That's exactly how I use the Quality scale.

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