Camino Portugues - Porto-Santiago (Read 54748 times)

    Dear Friends,

    I have been running approximately one year. This is my training log, and I would like to know if you think I can train to do the following 11 stage-run next august with 2-3 days of rest in between.
    If so, what would be it be the ideal training mileage? I have 5 weeks left, would love to have an indicatation on how much i should run every week and at which pace i realistically have to train. I can concentrate on training in July.. just wanted to know how can I get it right:


    If it is not feasible in five week, i could run some parts and walk some other parts. Ideas, thoughts?



    The stages are of the following kilometres length. I thought about dividing them half in the morning and ahalf in the afternoon. Some of the stages will be in the mountains. The total is 240 km.:


    This is the description of the route:

    Any suggestion/advice would be much appreciated. Probably, given that is half trails half asphalt, i will not run barefoot, but with merrell gloves.
    Thanks so much in advance!


      well, it was an enthusiastic idea.. probably it is out of target..I will increase weekly mileage by 10per cent every week.. and see what I can do. the rest i will walk..


      but the idea of running with stages in old trails in Europe I think it shoudl be explored..



      cheers to everybody..


      Bushrat Runner

        A running adventure, I love it. 


        I actually  suspect you could do this, if you can handle a short-term increase in volume. The distances are not so long as to be prohibitive, but you would need to ramp up. I would start by getting your miles up for the next two weeks to over 35 with very easy runs. Every run should be so easy as to feel not much different in terms of effort than walking would be. The third week should be easier, a step back to 20 miles or so. The fourth week should be over 40 miles, then another step back for the fifth week so you start the actual adventure rested. 


        That still won't be the level of mileage that the actual Camino Portugues is going to be, but it will help you get ready. If you can allow yourself to run slowly and easily, make sure you keep fresh shoes so you aren't pushing into high mileage with beat-down soles, and walk early and often, especially if you feel during training or the run that it is getting a bit much, you should be able to do it. 


        I love a good adventure. Hope it works out and have fun.

          Thanks so much Troy Hamon.. With nobody replying i thought i was nuts by wanting to do so many kilometres after only one year of running. well, thanks a lot!


          Bushrat Runner

            Good luck, it sounds like a really fun adventure. 

              If the trails are not too tough, and you have some trail running experience already I don't think that it will be too difficult to complete, especially if you plan to break it up into two runs a day and take it really easy and run/walk a bit.  I'd say you could even do that every day except maybe the 30 KM days may need an extra day off.  Getting a good night's rest and nutrition could possibly be the key.


              It would not be an adventure if it is not just beyond what we think is realistic now would it?  Take lots of pictures and post back here.  good luck.


                Hello, I don't know all the way I've made it already by bike but I didn't start in Oporto.


                The camino from Oporto has three variants I think. The one you're planning is through Barcelos and until São Pedro de Rates it doesn't have many trails it's mostly streets and roads through highly populated areas. Oporto is the second biggest city in Potugal.


                After São Pedro de Rates it will be a lot nicer and quieter. After Ponte de Lima comes the most difficult part of the Camino, a long uphill section ending in a short but very steep section.


                I'm no expert on running but I think that if you take it slowly and rest a lot you'll finish it successfully. Portugal is one of the best places in the world for a post run refuel. Eating in restaurants is cheap and lots food on the table.


                Bom Caminho!

                  Dear Happy Feet and Helderar,

                  thank you so much for the messages, which sound very encouraging..


                  I am going with my little sister, she will come by bike, and with my brother, who has finished a soccer season and claim he does not needto train intensively..


                  I have started to slow down and run every day 10+ km.. I will try to increase by 10 per cent week by week. I have actually realized that I have 7 weeks left.


                  About my brother, i adviced him to start see how he manages 10+ runs this week. on 1st july i will go back to Europe, and we will train together


                  Many many thanks to you again, and to anybody who could give further tips on how to increase mileage without increasing the chance of injury..


                  Best regards,



                    Just wishing you a buen camino!  We hiked from Sarria to Santiago on the Camino Frances.  Some sections of that route seemed too rocky and rutted for running, but I don't know anything about the Camino Portugues and I'm also not an experienced trail runner.  Just take it as it comes and enjoy the adventure!  Looking forward to hearing about your journey later.

                      Thanks so much Margaret. I have also done the first 12 stages of the Camino Frances in 2005.. but only up to Burgos.. i keep you all posted upon return... wishing you a nice summer, Andrea