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    I have been running in my mizuno wave inspire for about 100 miles or so now, and I have noticed a twinge I never used to get before. It is in my feet, sometimes they ache when I run, and especially when I get home and take off my trainers, they ache on the base. Any ideas whats going on here? Should I get a new pair? COuld this lead to injury? It strange because I have never know aching feet before, it is normally the knee or calf. MAny thanks in advance PS, all you guys who know me, I am officially back on the run - and I can tell you it is very hard returning from an injury.

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      I had Mizuno Wave Riders, and couldn't go for more than about 4 miles at a time without my feet starting to hurt. I wound up just turning them into weight lifting shoes and eventually tossed them. Now I have Mizuno Wave Precisions and don't have those sorts of problems. I would recommend getting a new pair of shoes. If you keep having problems with those shoes, then you can always rotate between the two pairs. If you don't, then junk the mizunos. (Note that I recommend always rotating between at least 2 pairs of shoes anyway.)

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