Adductor health (Read 112 times)


    As a returning runner of 5 months now, I recently extended my track work out a little further, in baby steps, but still 3x400( low to mid 80's) and 3x200( mid 30's).


    Seems only  my adductors took it badly , and while they will simmer down this time, with no harm done, they  seem to pose an injury risk.


    What is the best course of action going forward? Just take track work even more gradual and so they can  adjust? Find specific strength training for the adductors. Stretch more? Most of my running for the last 5 months has been either up hill or down so maybe I need to run more on flat ground since the stride is different in hills? All of the above?


      Best course of action would probably be supplemental stretching and strengthening of the hip area. Youtube has a lot of videos. The Myrtl routine by Jay Johnson is pretty popular. If you have a theraband you can do a ton of exercises. Start doing those 1-2x a day along with some stretches and hopefully you'll be good to go.


      Also consider just doing speedwork on the roads. I've had times in the past where a decent volume of trackwork would put a lot of stress on my hips because of the turns. Staying off the track for a bit seemed to help.


        i would consider all three options.  incorporate stretching, add some resistance training, and take it a little slower.  hopefully with all that you won't get injured, but it should give you the best chance of healthy running.


          I will look at that Myrtl routine, J. I do a lot of strength training but there certainly could be a better routine.



          I read some on the adductor pain, its pretty common to strain adductors with increase in intensity, I guess.  The times were not faster paces than what I have been doing fartlek style, or even mile time trials,  and I have been hitting hills pretty hard for a while, so it caught me by surprise to have an issue with this little workout. I think my speed and acceleration were very inconsistent, much faster than the pace looks at times,  and I may have over reached with my stride many times....perhaps on the curves as you say, which really could make the adductors fight to keep things together.


          One thing that was suggested was straddle squats. I think I may incorporate those. I practiced a few and they seemed to work the right muscles. Could be a muscle imbalance issue, because I dead lift  weekly, sets up to 10x265 and do other types of  squats too.


            Thanks, Gilbert, Makes sense to work on different angles until is not a worry.