Repeated asking for password sign in (Read 973 times)


    When I signed in this morning to enter my running data, I was asked 3 times for my e-mail address and password. The first time I thought maybe I had mis-entered the info earlier. Just wanted you to be aware of this problem. It was frustrating as of the 3rd time.
      dmh005, The login process is really simple. It just compares your email address and password against their equivalents in the database. You probably entered the wrong password the first two times because if there's something wrong with the login code, then you can either login with the wrong password, or you can never login. Did you get the red error text above the login box? eric Smile

        I am having the same problem as dmh005. For the past month, when I login I get the red text box saying . Invalid email or password. Please try again I then have to have a link sent to my email, to reset my password. Only to use the same password I have used since I became a member? Confused Once I log out I have to go through the sme process once again. Any suggestions?
          Once I log out I have to go through the sme process once again.
          Hi, when you say log out, do you mean you clicked on the "Logout" link, or just close the browser? The former would explain everything. How do you come back to the site? Is it through a saved link (i.e. a favorite)?

            I just close the browser. I have tried to both ways, I have used my link & also typed in the address. Had to do the same thing again today. I hate to open a new account. I would loose all my year to date info correct? Does the info from here transfer to the log on Runners World? Would I have the same problem over there?
              Hi countrycruiser, Which browser and operating system are you using? Chances are that the problem is with your particular setup. Are you using any antivirus programs or firewalls? Some of them, particularly Symantec have a tendency to mess things up in the name of security. Creating a new account won't help because you'll still be using the same computer and browser, and you will lose all your data. Runner's World uses the same log as here, except you'll probably won't be able to transfer your data to it because they're not equipped to deal with data imports. eric Smile

                I run into the same problem. I have to reset password every time I log in. I am on a Mac and have used both Firefox and Safari, same results.
                  I'll look into how the cookie is being handled on the server side to see if there's anything I can do to fix this. eric Smile