Ladies...you're going to love this! (Read 958 times)

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Trailheads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat Why didn't I think of this!!
      I simply must get one of those!!! Big grin


      Gotta Flee Em All

        Can hippies like Jeff use these?
          Can hippies like Jeff use these?
          of course Cool

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            Can hippies like Jeff use these?
            Please modify title to read "Ladies (and long haired hippie freaks)...you're going to love this!" Big grin


              Trailheads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat Why didn't I think of this!!
              Ordered one for the wife for Christmas! I spoke with Stephanie; she's very nice. It cost $30 total w/priority shipping ($4) so I'll have it by the end of this week to give my wife for Christmas. She even said she'd put a note on the label that reads, "Erin - do NOT open this!" Great find!

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                Man...makes me wish I had a pony tail. Now I'm gonna have to buy a ponytail to wear with my hat. Always something!
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                  When I went out for my lunch run I kept seeing my ponytail bouncing around in my shadow and I thought of this thread. Today wasn't cold enough for a winter cap so I just wore my baseball style hat. When I do wear a winter cap my poor ponytail gets squished down and leaves such an odd looking lump on the back of my head. Ick. I really need to track down one of those hats, preferably not one that costs $30 since I'm about out of Christmas money. Roll eyes


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                    Sweet! Nice find, Sara. Kinda makes me wish I had hair... not. Big grin

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