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    I'm going to be living in Estes Park, CO for the summer, and have been looking for a running club and/or cycling club in the area with little success. Does anybody know of any? I know there is one that sometimes rides from Lyons, however, it's not likely that I'll have my own vehicle this summer, so I'm hoping to find something at least based in town. 

    Thanks for your help!



    I run. Therefore I am.

      Lucky You!!!   Enjoy your summer!


      I don't believe there is a running or cycling club in Estes itself, but there are hoards of runners and cyclists in town.  If/when you make your way down to Boulder (Or Fort Collins, or Loveand or Longmont...) you can find a group to run or ride with ANY night of the week, with multiple choices on the weekend.


      And don't forget, you willbe able to run and/or ride in and through RMNP anytime you wish.  If you get into the park before 8:00AM, you don't have to pay...otherwise it's $7 per day or $70 per year for a park pass.


      Also, there are sevral 5k/10k races from Spring thru Fall as well as the Estes Park Marathon and Half marathon (EPMarathon.com).  The Running of The Bulls (Elk that is) is a 5k/10k race held in EP towards the end of summer or early fall.  It is indeed a favorite of mine.


      At 8500 feet every run and race is a challenge, but after this summer, whereever you live, you'll be ready to knock the socks off your competition.


      Again, have a blast...you should have the time of your life this summer!

      You don't need shoes to run anymore than you need a hat to think.

        Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to this summer, and appreciate your help!