New Course - timing out (Read 620 times)


    I created a new course, and apparently I took too long (got distracted with some other tasks, and then came back to the computer), and my login expired. When I clicked to save the course, I was presented with the login screen, and a message stating that this feature was only available to members. No big deal there, but after I completed the login form, the data I had submitted disappeared. Any way that the course data can be submitted to the login form, and then back into a new course? I realize this is a bit complicated, as you'd have to keep track of how users got to the login form, so that any data that gets submitted could be processed appropriately . . . anyway, just a thought. Thanks for the great site!
      If when you're logging in you click on the "remember me" box, the RA site doesn't time you out and you won't have a problem. When you're done, you can still click on "logout" and the site won't keep you logged in.

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