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    I have been strengthening my left side (dead man lifts, lunges, bridging, clamshell stretch...) as prescribed by my physiotherapist and now my lower left leg hurts laterally to the tibia along with some aches in the knee. I have had this pain before over the years but it feels worse now. I also can feel a bit in my hamstring tendon but that may be left over from a small tear  I had in August - hence the physio.   I thought maybe it was IT but I'm done with self-diagnosis. So I went to my sports doc who checked out joints and muscles and he thinks it is a nerve problem. Mentioned peroneal nerve. Ordered a nerve conduction test.


    I did some research and it seems like some pieces fit. (About me: 54yo female, running for about 6 years, low mileage, orthotics, stability shoes recommended by foot doc, no speedwork, never had broken bone in leg but 2 stress fractures - fibula + foot) 


    Has anyone had a nerve conduction test and will I be screaming in pain?

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      Before I had rotator cuff surgery, I had an EMG done.  It wasn't that bad.  The description they gave me was that it would be about like a wasp sting.  They put probes (a nice term for needles) in your body and send an electric current through the path they're wanting to test.  It feels pretty strange because it makes your arm jump.  They progressively increased the current and at the end, my arm was jumping pretty violently but not a lot of pain.


      I don't know if this is the type of test they will do with you, but the purpose of the EMG was to check for nerve damage.


      Good luck to you!

        Not trying to freak you out...and no, I personally have never had one.  But I have heard people say it sucks big time, and, other people have said that it's not that bad.


        If it means anything, one of the people that thought it hurt them horribly was a big wuss.  She hates needles, and that didn't help.  I really have to believe that in her case, she was just so freaked out that it made the situation worse.  Foe example, she has back problems, and I told her how my wife had responded to an steroid epidural (it worked very well for her), and she wasn't interested.  She wouldn't endure ANY pain that involved a needle, even if it meant that her back problems might be alleviated for weeks/months/even years (in my wife's case). 


        My mom had TWO, and said it was not "pleasant", but bearable.  And she was not a person that took well to pain either.


        Other people I have known said it was "no big deal".  They were almost upset that they were led to believe that it was going to be horrible, they got themselves all worked up about it, and it was nothing.


        Once again, I have not had one, but even if I had, it seems to me that the experience is different for everyone.


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          I've had two EMGs. Not a picnic. Kind of interesting. Still, a bit freaky with the needles being thrown into me like dart. Hope you're able to get to the root of the problem.


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            I had one 7-8 years ago.  Pinched nerve in neck.  I didn't feel much of any thing.  The biggest thing that I remember

            is that the room was coldSmile



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              I had a nerve conduction study done many years ago to check carpal tunnel symptoms.  It reminded me of what it felt like to touch and electric fence when I was a kid. (Older sibling dared me to do that.)  It also turned out to not be carpal tunnel syndrome.

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