Light Weight Trainers/Racing Flats? (Read 1498 times)

    The Adidas "AdiZero" racing shoe... says zero right there in the name... has a 9mm drop.  It is also pretty lightweight as shoes go (<8oz) and that's where the zip comes from).


    I wanted to try something more lightweight and more of a racing shoe and was looking around...and Shoebacca had a close out deal on the Adidas AdiZero racing shoe (Bright red - which I thought was cool) and so I bought them just to try..


    I started running in them some time ago (literally only ONE mile at first) but now I run in them for most of my shorter run (that would be 3 to 4 miles) and I really like them - but definitely a different feel to them.     The longest I have run in them is 5 miles and they felt OK..


    Going to wear them in a 5K race in about 3 weeks just to see what happens..........


    Trying a racing flat or minimal type of shoe is definitely something everyone ought to try - but like LOPEZ said, be cautious and break into it slowly....

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      I probably should look into something like this at some point too. Pretty much run everything, races, workouts, sprints, easy, long, etc., in my random New Balance shoe I get it Kohl's. No real qualms with this since I remain uninjured, but it would be nice to have something with a little more "feedback" and that feels lighter/faster.


      If I go to the running store one of these days to look into this, anything specific I should know/ask for?

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        I think the adiZero line is fairly amazing. The shoe's cushioning does a great job of never being too hard or too squishy. If you could only own one shoe for the rest of your life, the Adios wouldn't be a bad choice.


        I'm with you on this one!! Ran in Adidas Boston 2s for 600+ miles -- loved them!! My feet are very skinny and they fit like a glove. Then got an incredible deal on a pair of Adios at a premium outlet center ($19.99! At the time, they would've cost me $160 at home!): even more of a glove-like fit and so freaking light! I've worn them for tempo runs and up to my longer 2-hour runs...these runs are mostly trail runs with dirt, rocks, gravel. They seem to have enough cushioning that running over rocks doesn't hurt any more than my old, old Nike waffle trainers did!


           He has an old pair of mayflys he wears that are already trashed at the start - flapping all over the place - I wonder how may thousands of miles he has on them?

          I ran Rainier to Ruston 50K last weekend; Zach Gingerich was there and handily won the 50M. This is a course that is maybe 40% rough trail. He ran in the Nike Mayfly -- 3.5 oz. However, he evidently had already trashed one of the shoes by 11 miles in.

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            If I could have gotten to the OP a few days ago, I would have actually recommended Nikes. They're the one brand that is notoriously too narrow. The original LunaRacer, Nike Streak 3 or 4, or the Lunarspeed Lite might have been right up your alley.





            I just bought a pair of LunaRacer's from Nike.com, all clearance shoes are an additional 20% off and I've been looking for a pair of light weight shoes to wear in my 5K's. I have a high arch and I love cushioning...and these only weigh 5.6 oz!!! They say they are good for supinators, which I am.  I have been training and doing my long runs with Mizuno Wave Rider 13's but I'm about to go back to Nike Pegasus...I know Nike is the enemy and all, but they work for me. I like running on clouds Wink


            I hope the Lunaracer serves me well! I'll let you know after I run my first 5K in them next Saturday Smile

             (not my first 5K, but my first 5K in the LunaRacers)

              If I go to the running store one of these days to look into this, anything specific I should know/ask for?

              If you go to a reputable running store, they'll ask you the questions. What have you been running in, how many miles, any problems, what are you training for, etc. And they'll watch you walk, fit you and watch you run. if thy don't, find another store. 


              First time I bought flats, I went in and simply told them I wanted something lighter weight for track workouts and uptempo training. They asked me most if not all of the above questions. I tried several and ended up with ASICS Hyperspeeds. I still have them and have added the Adidas Adizero Adios 2 as well. 


              I run everything in lightweight neutrals or racing shoes now. Saucony Kinvara, Hyperspeeds, Adidas Adizero Boston 2/3 and Adizero Adios 2. I had run in Mizuno Wave Riders and Saucony Rides previously but I just can't now. They feel too heavy and clunky now. But you have to be careful. I did a bit too much in the Kinvaras out of the gate and ended up with some tendinitis. Went away after a few weeks but it was a reminder that there needs to be an adjustment period.