Awesome Pace/Race/Training Calculator (Hat Tip to Mbotti!) (Read 592 times)

    I just found this posted in a six month old thread (originally posted by 'mbotti' - thanks!) and it struck me as such an amazingly useful tool that I'm reposting it. Just because. http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/Running%20University/Article%201/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm Maybe someone could pin this thread ... or maybe a section could be started specifically for such useful tools, websites, info, etc ...? Anyway, check it out. (Modified to fix screwed up link)
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      Outstanding! There is a really good list of calculators, injury, nutrition, etc information on letsrun's message board. I can't seem to get onto their board right now cause it's down, but when I get a chance, if I remember, I'll post the link. These calculators are fun, though. Just be careful because it always gives you slower estimates for shorter distances when you enter a longer race time, and faster estimates when you enter a shorter race time... but if the races are close distances together you can get decent equivalent estimates. Just don't try to convert from mile to marathon or vice versa...
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