Using Windows Live Search for Maps (Read 628 times)


    I was wondoering if you have some obligation to use the Google Maps as a tool to trace your route and calculate your mileage. If not I found out the the Windows Live search (www.live.com) Maps has a better image resolution when you switch to their 2D viewing. The fact that you can zoom a lot closer in the image gives you a better calculation and editing when tracing your route. Check it out, it is worth it to give it a try. Thank you for all your tools and keep up the great work!! Regards, s2c97

      Great suggestion. Windows Live Search seems to cover a much wider area at high resolution. I'd like to be able to use the hybrid and aerial features to accurately measure routes that are off-road, but Google in my local area (Warrington,Cheshire, UK) is hopelessly low resolution for their aerial coverage. Thanks to the organisers of Runningahead.com. I joined at the start of 2007 and it's a great site, the features are superb! bri2ee
        I have no obligation to use any particular mapping tool. However, Google maps was the first before anyone else. It takes a lot of code to get it to work. Switching to a new system would mean I have to rewrite everything. Right now, there are many other features that I haven't added yet. Once I get those out of the way, then I may revisit this issue. eric Smile

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          Google maps and Windows Live are each just middleware between applications such as runningahead and data such as the maps. What google offers today may differ from what google offers tomorrow. While windows live may have better satellite imagery in your area today, google maps may have something better tomorrow. To rework this entire site (and all the others out there that have long used google maps) for something so dynamic seems wasteful to me. If, by contrast, google and windows live all used a standard way of delivering their data then sites like runningahead would be able to serve the best data. It seems to me that offering data in a standard way is incombent on windows (which, after all, was late to the market with this one) rather than on google or runningahead.

            Thank you for the info! s2c97