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    Anyone running Grandma's marathon in Duluth Mn on June 16th. Has anyone ran it before? If so what are the conditions like, hilly?,crowded?, fast course?, trying to qualify for Boston so making sure this is a good one to do so.
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      I have run it twice. Before you read any further, if you have not yet registered, go to the website RIGHT NOW and download the registration and mail it in ASAP. Grandmas will fill within 1-2 weeks. Grandma's marathon is a fabulous marathon, very well organized, very scenic, fairly flat and runs along Lake Superior for nearly the entire length. Last year it was hot and humid, but most years the weather is favorable. They have lots of pace groups, a big expo, lots of good places to eat, good course support and among the best finisher areas. We had discussed this a bit right here - Click You also need to start looking for a place to stay now. Hotel rooms are hard to come by and are overpriced. It may be best to stay outside Duluth and to drive in to catch the bus to the start line (you start outside Duluth in a small town 25 miles away, there is great bus service from throughout Duluth to the start, and it is free). After a mile or so, the course is uncrowded. This is a good BQ course.
        ditto to what Trent said. I ran it in 2003 and it was hot and humid. Being a point to point course along a MN highway, there aren't a ton of specatators out, but the one's that are there are awesome! To me this course was easy to get start out too fast on so be aware of that and go out slow and smooth.

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          FYI, there seems to be a group for Grandma's Marathoners (I did not create it)... http://runningahead.com/groups/Granny/

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            Got my confirmation card in the mail today. I have bib#3099!!

              I am running Grandma's. I have my confirmation card but still need to finalize a place to stay. The on campus housing does not open up until later this spring. I have not run it before but have hear a lot of good things about it. It will be my 40th marathon as long as I am able to stick to my marathon schedule this spring.
                Got my confirmation card in the mail today. I have bib#3099!!
                Got my confirmation card in the mail today. I have bib#3599!! (cue Twilight Zone music)

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