Glorious Long Run! (Read 687 times)

    Had an awesome long run today, definitely the best run thus far.. 21 miles! 62-65 degrees, felt unbreakable until I stopped which was after just under 2:45 minutes.



    But the more important, amazing, glorious, astonishing, blasphemous part? MY IPOD SHUFFLE SURVIVED!


    I have never gotten more than an 11 mile run with the blasted ipod shuffle 2g. 4 replacements later, I got one that can handle the task.


    This day will live on in my heart forever, and hopefully will strengthen the hearts of my fellow suffering owners of 2G iPod shuffles.


      WTG kcurran!  *claps*  I am so anxious to hear how you do in your marathon.  Your training has been stellar and your speed amazing!


      That sucks about your ipod too.  I've had a 1g shuffle since fall 2006 and have had zero issues with it.  *knocks wood*

        WTG Ken! Keep it up, you're doing Great!





          Thanks for the kind words guys Smile Had a little 2 day flare up of runner's knee that's been pretty tame after last night, little achey still. Looking to finally hit a 60 mile week this week with a lot of MP to see how I feel and test the good old heart rate and such.

            Nice going, Ken!


            Congrats on the shuffle, heh.



            "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus