Workouts page not showing notes on all runs (Read 24 times)


    I've got a run (https://www.runningahead.com/logs/c8f15eda231d4b169913664b8c6dac08/workouts/c2373ff3366b48dd95bc87554f3dcef9) with a short comment in the notes section. When I list the workouts, it's not showing those notes. For another run on the same day, it is showing the note.


    It seems like a small issue, but it indicates something might be out of sync in the database. Could this be a symptom of a bigger problem? I don't know if this is happening on multiple runs (it's hard  to tell).


    What should I do?


      Incidentally, I downloaded my entire database and for this run it shows the notes in the download.


        Figured it out ...

        I occasionally run to an event, do the event, and then run back home. When I log those runs in RA, I'll use a notation like this ">xyz 5k" for the "to" run, and then "<xyz 5k" for the homeward bound run. This entry is the latter.

        Apparently, you can include HTML tags in the notes. It parsed the "<" as the beginning of a tag, which means it doesn't display anything because the tag is incomplete and nonsense. If I edit the note, then it works.