Is it possible to download (or upload!) RA calendar to Outlook, Hotmail, etc (or vice-versa)? (Read 597 times)

    Eric! Just thought I'd throw another idea out there for ya.. When you start working on the training plan feature, it would be super-nifty and ultra-cool if there was a way where we could synchronize electronic calendars... so that I can keep my busy life all in one spot. Ideal for *me* would be the ability to plan out runs and workouts on RA and then download them into my Outlook calendar at home. I have NO idea how difficult that would be, so if it's a monster don't worry about it.

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      One way to suport this may be via vCalendar ot iCalendar notices that are emailed to the user. Outlook (and other email systems like Lotus Notes) will import them into the user's calendar.


        Okie. I added it to my list. Don't have a time frame for this. Probably not for a while because I'm way behind schedule Sad c73
          Evil grin You know how I like thinking up new ideas... Shocked

          Roads were made for journeys...