can't drag or copy workouts to new day (Read 43 times)

    When I click to drag a scheduled workout to another day, the original workout disappears.


      Click on the date and not on the workout itself.  So when you are in calendar mode, click on the horizontal area just to right of the date and drag it to new date.

        That didn't work.  There is something wrong.  I have never had an issue moving/copying a workout from one date to another.  There is a technical problem here.


          Let me ask the obvious then - are you in a training plan?  are you in edit mode (clicking on pencil)?  and are you dealing with planned workouts - not completed workouts?


          I just was able to modify a training plan using this method.



            Everything is back to normal.  I can move and copy files again.  There must have been some sort of glitch on either my computer or on the server end.  Glad all is well.Smile


              I haven't uploaded any changes to the site in the last 28 days so I think the problem is on your computer.  What browser and operating system are you using?  Were you using the same computer when the problem occurred and when it went away?


              eric Smile