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    I posted a question a couple of months ago asking about how it takburial beginner to build up a running base.  I mentioned that whenever I upped my mileage, I got knee pains.


    Based on the advice here, I went to a running shoe store, roadrunner sports in Paramus.  They did the gait analysis, and I overpronate in one foot and under pronate in the other.  I also have very high arches and haves 53/47% left/right foot weight dispersal.  They seemed pretty sketchy trying to hard sell me everything in the store, including their insoles.  I tend not to buy things impulsively, so all I got was a pair of shoes that they said would be a good fit, brooks ghosts, which the guy said was a neutral shoe.  I was surprised that I didn't get put into a shoe with stability control, and that the size was the same as the new balance trail runners I have been using.



    some questions:

    is roadrunners a credible running shoe store?  any other recommendations for north nj stores?


    does anybody use the custom arches they make?  They seem like a scam, and I didn't notice any difference wearing them and running on the treadmill for three minutes.


    are my weight dispersal, high arches and under/over pronation that abnormal?  Did I waste my time and money getting a neutral shoe when I should have gotten something to corrective?


    i ran today with my new shoes, and my left knee hurts a fair amount, but it was a 5k race and I pushed pretty hard.  If the knee issues are from worn down shoes, how long will it take to notice a difference?


    thanks in advance for your replies!

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      I don't know that store, but I'll admit that I always have to bite my lip when I go to my LRS. More than that, I feel like I have to have done my research and I am paying them a premium for the privilege of being able to try on shoes. I still go there, as I'd like to be able to go try on a bunch of shoes occasionally, but I don't love it...  gosh, it would be nice to talk to a person in one of those places that knows something other than buzz words and shoe specs. That said, I think your shoes are fine.


        The good thing about road runner sports is their return policy on shoes (90 days IIRC). If you are not sure yet what type of shoe you like, it's not bad. And if you're patient enough there are some sales with 20% or 25% off.


        The bad thing is that, as you mentioned, they'll try to push insoles you don't need, and they do that for all new customers. They will also renew your VIP membership automatically. And other than sales, I think their prices are on the high end.


        In the past, you could sign up for their VIP online really cheap compared to the store (I'm guessing that was for your first year only). (I just checked at it's still available for $2).


        When I lived in San Diego, they also had an area on the other side of the store where they sold returned items at discounted prices. Selection varied, and sales were final IIRC. Not sure if this is unique to the San Diego store.


          Wow, they were trying to get me to spend 20 dollars on the VIP membership, so I could save 9 dollars on a pair of shoes.


            I've had mostly ok experiences at RoadRunner.  They do push the gait analysis and insoles, and its probably a little overwhelming for a new runner (I know it was for me), and depending upon the sale person you get, you probably get a pretty hard sell.  That said they put me in a pretty good pair of shoes, and made some good recommendations.


            As far as the VIP thing goes, it doesn't make any sense if you aren't going to shop there regularly.  I do, because their sales, when they do have them, are pretty good, and I tend to like their in house brand of stuff.  So that works for me.  If you are willing to shop around though, you could probably get deals just as good.


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              I've been to the Roadrunner in Paramus.  Yes they were very pushy.  I'm not a fan of the store.  My GF did the gait analysis and everything and the sales lady and her agreed on a pair of shoes...when she didn't want to shell out the additional $50? for the insoles the lady even copped an attitude.  Personally, I do not stand for high pressure sales pitches.  Overall, I wouldn't call it a scam, more like a racket Wink.  The sales people there are very good at separating you from your money.

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                I've been to several different locations of Roadrunner Sports throughout NJ, including the Paramus location you went to, and overall I'd say I've had mixed results. They do push insoles you don't need and try to sell you everything else but often it's things you could use such as better socks than the regular cotton stuff you get at other stores. At my first visit to the store years ago I was diagnosed by them as an overpronator and due to my size (about 200lbs) put into max stability shoes. I'd had various ailments and limited success over the years until I met a girl during a race who it turned out worked part time at the RRS in Shrewsbury. I visiter her there and she did a thorough test on the treadmill for me only to tell me I don't overpronate at all, and need Neutral shoes. I've used Brooks Glycerin since and haven't had injuries other than my back which was unrelated. I don't know that in a matter of years one can stop overpronating so who knows how they got it so wrong, but I continue to go to the store and get my shoes. My advice?Date someone who works at a running store like I did. Otherwise, it's a worthwhile store as long as you know what you want and need. Try on and wear as many shoes as possible and use the 90day return policy with the VIP program. They charge you $20 for it at the store unless you bring up the $1.99 special, in which case that's all you'll pay.

                As for shoes, Brooks Ghost is a good pick, you may want to try the Ravennas too, or Nike Lunar series which is supposed to give you cushioning where you need it and support where you need it, depending on each step so it may give you the customized pair of shoes you need.

                  I've tried Roadrunner online. Not a fan of their auto-renew of the VIP membership. They were also pretty argumentative when I called to get it refunded.


                  I have become a loyal customer of Running Warehouse. Now that's how a retail business should be run!


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                    I once visited the Roadrunner Store in New Brunswick.  The guy tried to sell me new shoes to wear for a half marathon the next day, and not even the same type I had trained in.  Huh.


                    However, I do love my local running store, they have sales often, and the people who own and/or work there are often seen participating in local races.  It's a great place.

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