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    I am a runner, did my first marathon a few weeks ago. I plan on doing a few sprint and maybe olympic triathlons next summer. I can swim, but not currectly and I recently purchase a new bike. I need some suggestions on a book that will help me out with the process. I am looking to simply build a good swimming base this winter and planning to take some sort of masters swimming class next year.

    Please help!


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      Swimming is a very technical activity. To become proficient you really should consider lessons. The Masters program should help alot! The sooner the better. If you don't get lessons now you'll only be re-enforcing bad habits.


      Total Immersion has several "self teach" books and videos for swimming. It is a decent program for learning efficiency......RE: Triathlon books. There are several out there. They only one I've actually read is; "Going Long"  It was highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend it to anyone else of any level.


      We have a User Group titled "Swim Bike Run". Another good spot to post your qx's.

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        triathlon 101 by mora is a good one. some generic plans are available at trinewbies.com, trifuel.com beginnertriathlete.com and slowtwitch.com

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