Shoe wear? (Read 141 times)


    How does one tell if their running shoes need to be replaced?


    Back in my younger days when I played a lot of tennis it was rather obvious when my tennis shoes needed replacement, but these days with tougher tread on running shoes and the shoe insides also playing a greater role are there any basic guidelines for when to replace a pair of shoes? I ask because my current shoes have about 350 miles on them, the soles show very little wear and I have read that 200-400 miles is normal, and also 400-800 is normal, and also that replacement can be indicated in other ways such as new aches or pains.


    I significantly increased my mileage from averaging about 40 miles/month to almost 90 in December and along the way injured my right ankle. I discovered at the end of the month that the half marathon I had been considering for March 1 wasn't going to happen (I had ramped my mileages up in preparation, mostly via starting weekly long (for me) runs. I cut back to 60 some miles in January and between some extreme cold weather, oral surgery, and the sore ankle only did 40 in February. The last run was Feb 28, first run since Feb 2 over 5 miles and now my right heal is also sore - is this possibly an indicator of a shoe issue?


    I still have plans for a half marathon June 1 but I don't want to aggravate any injuries unnecessarily in preparation for it.

      For me, my knees start to feel weird. Do you rotate running shoes? If so, it's easier to tell when one pair is starting to go.

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        Shoes being too old will typically manifest itself as foot, lower leg, or knee issues.  It's highly individual.


        For me, over many dozens of pairs of shoes, I know that outdoor shoes are good for about 700 miles and treadmill shoes 1000 miles.  For the last 200 miles respectively, they are relegated to runs <10 miles.

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          .... Do you rotate running shoes? If so, it's easier to tell when one pair is starting to go.


          I do have a second pair of running shoes (different mode,l same brand) that I have used only for indoor track running. I will wear them on my next outdoor run just to see if i notice any difference. I want to think that 350 miles wouldn't wear out a pair of shoes, on the other hand I am 6'3" and 210 lbs so the shoes are getting a workout along with me Smile


            Also, from what I have learned about shoe wear, is that the more mileage you are putting in the more cushioning or support you tend to need from your shoe.