multiple equipments (Read 44 times)

    I guess people use the "equipment" feature mostly for Shoes and Bike .


    I've put my name down for Marathon Des Sables in April 2014.

    As you know MDS is a self supported race. you run with your kit and food for the week.


    in short I need to take the thumbs out and start running with a Backpack.

    I'll be increasing the weight of the backpack months after months. ( apparently pple try not to go too much over 8kg) .


    I'd like to be able to track a second equipment ( and be able to report on it  Wink

    even if it is the same backpack I wouldn't mind  creating BP2 , BP4, BP6 , BP8 , BP10 as 5 different equipments to reflect the weight, and my camelbacks ( i'm the proud owner of a Ultra LR2  + 1 smaller one) or my belts ( I have an Adidas and a NB ) .


    I'm sure a few ladies will love also this feature to make sure they can track which color shirt or short they wore matching their running shoes, but that's an other story Smile

      oops. i only notice now that there was a post by Francois Nel in September with the same request.

      sorry for the duplication.