Last Post Author is showing up as OP author. (Read 145 times)


    Don't know if this is just a blip but it looks like in the last post column while it shows the correct time and date it doesn't actually show the correct poster.  It shows the author of the original post not the last person to actually post.


    Hope that makes sense.

    You can call me Anna

    And in the end...

      Cool!  So what happens if I post?  Nothing!  I don't get any credit for being the most recent poster!


      This is an outrage!  I demand that this be corrected instantaneously if not sooner!


      Whew.  Post-holiday rage...


      Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

        Wow.  You're quite the comedian.


        Just thought eric would like to know there was a glitch going on.

        You can call me Anna

        Prince of Fatness

          This is happening for me as well.  It appears that it is when you view an individual forum, including user groups.  Main page is OK (recent topic list, etc.).


          When viewing an individual forum list the last post timestamp is correct, but the poster is always the OP.


            Oops.  I made a change to properly indicate deleted users half an hour ago but ended up displaying the OP of the thread instead.  The fix is being uploaded and will be available in about 5 minutes.

              Thanks, Eric.

              You can call me Anna