Michigan marathons in April (Read 57 times)

    I am looking to choose between two nearby races: Martian Marathon (Dearborn) on 4/13 and Lansing Marathon on 4/21.

    Anyone run either & have any comments? (No points for suggesting to just run both.)




      was looking into the Martian - coolest medal ever!- but my training isn't gonna be there by then.


        Dave, I was having the same dilemma.  I have done the Martian many times and it's a ton of fun - quirky, great support, easy parking, etc.  Was considering Lansing for a change of pace (I do a HM there every September that is great) but after reading a few reviews decided to stick with the Martian.  It's possible changes could be in place for this year to overcome 1st year errors but I'm going to wait a few more and let the kinks get worked out.  I wish you a great race, whichever one you choose!

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          I will be if no help to the original poster, but considering the subject, I would like to throw a hearty endorsement to the Trail Marathon. Yeah, that's its name. Nothing else. Last weekend in April, good organization, and great trails that go through Hell, MI (same trails that they uses for DWD).  Really nice race.

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            MichMa, thanks for the comments. I am leaning towards the Martian as (1) comes first, so leaves me a contingency plan, and (2) closer proximity -- I mapped it and coincidentally the starting line is exactly 26.2 miles from my house. So I can just show up, run straight home & call it a day. Nice having a race this close; I did Grand Rapids in October, and fortunately my wife was with me because even though only ~2 hr 15 min away, my legs would would not have been able to operate the pedals to drive home.


            WrigleyGirl, I just checked into the Trail Marathon & am now somewhat intrigued. Closer to me than Lansing. Never turned up in any of my online searches as I always filtered to show road races only. However I have never done any trail running, so probably not the time to start. And I am out of town that weekend anyway. Toledo is that day as well.

            By the way I love your screen name. I live in the Detroit area now but was born & raised in the Chicago burbs, am a lifelong diehard Cub fan, and spent a good part of my youth in the Wrigley Field bleachers.


              Hey Dave - I did the martian last year. The medal is excellent. The food at the end was pretty good, especially as they had chocolate milk. But, I have to say that I wouldn't run it again. It was a bit boring, in that you are on Hines drive most of the way, and there is nothing much to look at. Also, I didn't see any potties on the course (I wasn't looking though). There are brick bath houses on Hines drive, but some people said they were locked. I don't know if that was true, fortunately I didn't need one, but if you do it, just keep that in mind. Also, for me it was rolley-polley, not that that is a negative, just mentioning it.

              Now, I'm off to check out the trail marathon WrigleyGirl mentioned.

              Good luck on whichever you choose.