Ability to closk only part of run (Read 965 times)

    Not sure if anyone else would benefit from this, but I often run to a track by my house and then run laps. I don't time the run there or back. When I enter my info, it would be nice if I could put in the total distance, and then a timed distance, which would give me my pace. Same goes for running a race. I may run a 5k in 21 minutes (if I'm lucky Smile ) but in addition if I run 2 miles for a warmup/down I can't put in 5.1 miles and 21 minutes, b/c the pace gets all messed up. Thanks for the great site. D.
      Digit1001, Instead of creating one entry to lump everything in, you should create multiple entries. It's just a little bit more work, but not by much, and you'll benefit a lot more by doing so. Using your race example, the warmup/cool down aren't part of the race, and therefore should be recorded separately. You can create individual entries by taking advantage of the time of day field to separate them, or create an entry for both of them. The race itself should definitely be its own entry. This way, when you search for all 5k races or interval workouts, your results will be listed correctly. By the way, if you have multiple entries for the same day, they'll be sorted by time of day. If you must create one single entry, you can use the intervals form, and enter each part of the run as an interval. Directions on how to use it can be found here: http://www.runningahead.com/frm_topic.aspx?id=7e67971bcd5540228ffebe75ce3fc95e. Are these solutions acceptable? eric Smile