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    I don't know if it's been mentioned, but how about some way of editing the points on a map instead of clearing the whole thing, or using the back button? I tend to make up courses on the fly and if it comes up short or long I would like to be able to move a couple of points rather than redo the whole map as it is currently set up to do. Did that make sense? Confused
      I'll second this request, as I usually end up doing the same thing with my runs
        You got it. I'll be adding this and more in the next few weeks. eric Smile
          Woohoo!!! I've often thought that would be a nice feature addition. Another thing (while I'm typing), is that it would be really cool if we could have the "hybrid" option included with the google map api. I do a lot of running on logging roads, trails, etc... and have a hard time plotting them on the map. The roads and trails are visible on google earth and google maps in the hybrid view, so it would make my courses more accurate for distance. Just a thought! Smile PS.. sorry if this idea's a duplicate, I haven't had time to catch up on old posts lately.
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            msgeekette, There's a drop down on the map's toolbar that lets you select the map type. I had to put it there instead of on the map because it contains additional maps that might be helpful for areas with no satellite coverage. eric Smile