Do you want to run faster for your fall races? If so, read this… (Read 615 times)


    Fartlek schmartlek, tempo schmempo…if you want to run faster, lose some weight!!! Check here to see how fast you could run if you were a few pounds lighter. Today is the first day of summer, and we are starting the 5% Summer Weight-Loss Challenge. If you’d like to try and lose 5% by the end of the summer, come join us. Go to this thread, and post your current weight, and your 5% weight-loss target. Then come back each Monday, and weigh-in. Each week a chart is posted showing everyone’s progress, including that of the “pace jiggler” (who always happens to lose the right amount of weight each week). The challenge ends Monday, September 24th. Everyone is welcome! The final numbers are still being collected for the Spring Challenge (here is last week’s chart), but we had at least 5 runners reach their 5% weight-loss targets: jeffgoblue, Bonkin, MandyS, GreginND, ABCGreys. Congratulations to these runners and everyone else who participated!!!!