Now I'm a Race Director, The Weaver Basin Trail 50k, 30k, 10k (Read 438 times)

    Well, I finally did it.  I've become a race director.  At the end of my block is an awesome trail system that I run on almost everyday.  There are over 40 miles of trail and dirt roads in our trail system but no big races besides a 10k on Thanksgiving Day.  The trails are just incredible.

    The local runners talked about having an event to let folks experience our great trails, so I finally said "I'm gonna make it happen".


    I decided to have three goals:

    1)Have fun

    2)Raise money for our High School athletics, which are getting all kinds of funding cuts.

    3)Bring people to our small town to help our local economy(20% unemployment) and show off our great trails.


    What I didn't expect was how supportive my friends in the Rotary Club and the Fire Department, and so many others would be, they are amazing.  It is going to be a great event, I just hope I can get people out to our remote part of California for it.






    La, thanks for letting me share.


    Bushrat Runner

      That sounds like fun. Good luck with the event. The link didn't work for me though...

        Thanks rhoon,

           Oops, I missed the k.   I just went back and fixed it.





        Bushrat Runner

          Course map looks like a lovely tour of the backcountry.