Garmin ate my workout data :( (Read 204 times)


    Today I went out and did a hard interval workout -- the first one I've done in weeks.  I uploaded an advanced workout beforehand via Garmin Training Center -- when I went out to run, I forgot about that and just hit start.  When I remembered about 10 seconds later, I reset the workout and selected the advanced workout, then did my run.  Everything seemed fine while I was running, data recording all as normal, etc.  Was looking forward to looking over the data, but it appears that my 305 ate my workout data -- it's nowhere to be found.  All my daily runs are appearing, including the 10 second mistake run from this morning, but the subsequent actual workout isn't there.  Same behavior both in RA and in Garmin Training Center.


    I'm pretty sure that today's data is lost for good, but thought I'd ask here -- any data recovery ideas?  This is very irritating because today's data is probably the most useful data I've had in several weeks (if it were just a typical run I wouldn't be bothered so much).