Yippieh! Finished my first ultra (Read 739 times)

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share my joy. This weekend I finished my first ultramarathon, a 76.7 km-race around the biggest (and one of the most beautiful) lake in Germany, the Mueritz. It wasn't (as I thought) too hard for my legs (even if they quite hurt by now :-) ), but it was hard for my brain to tell the feet; "Keep on running".
      Congratulations on a nicely done race. BTW, what's a 'millionenmeter'??



        Wow...WTG! Big grin Sounds like you were ready. And it looks like a beautiful day greeted you. Love those picture-perfect clouds and blue sky! How are you feeling now?

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          Great work!

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            Well done fella. Big grin

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              Very nice! Big grin

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                Congrats! What an accomplishment. Must have felt awesome crossing that finish line huh?

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                  Congrats! That is quite something! Big grin

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                    Congrats!!! I am hoping one day I can talk about my first Ultra.
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                      Holy Sh_ _! 76km in 8hrs. I'm speechless Shocked

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                        Covering 47.6 miles in eight hours is damned impressive, nicely done Stefan! What do you have planned for an encore?

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                          Covering 47.6 miles in eight hours is damned impressive, nicely done Stefan! What do you have planned for an encore?
                          Dang- you guys/gals make me hurt even thinking about running something like that !! Impressive!!

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                            That is outstanding
                              Thanks for all your congrats - it feels even greater with that. By the way: A "Millionenmeter" means "a million meter" - which is the 1000 km YTD-Distance. It might sound mad, but I already forgot the pain and am looking forward to joining the next marathon (in September in Berlin). Well, like "The Offspring" said: Let´s see what´s next Smile
                                Wow, I am really impressed. I don't know if I will ever do half of that. You are my new hero!