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eric :)

    It's been a while since I made a progress report regarding GPS import, the training log, and the site in general. I've been somewhat quiet these days because I've been putting in a lot of time into the next version of the training log. Some of the regulars have taken upon themselves to answer questions from new users and I thank you for helping out. The GPS import project kept being delayed because I had to respond to more immediate issues with the site. I won't list these reasons because they sound like excuses. Instead, let me tell you where I'm at right now. I've been putting all my free time into creating the next version of the site. The running log was the first component I wrote for RunningAHEAD and an upgrade is long overdue. Over the years, I grafted cross training support onto the log and you can see the deficiencies. Since a log upgrade is needed to handle GPS import, I took the plunge to create a true training log (as opposed to a running log that lets you record crossing training data). The new log retains much of the same look and feel of the current log. Much of the logic behind it has been rewritten to reflect what I've learned since RA becoming public. The focus of the new log will be ease of use. The same questions are asked by new users, which imply a design problem with the log. The new log will strive to correct that. The best result would be you doing something and not needing to think about how to do it. I do not have an approximate release date but I am hoping that it will be in two or three months, but please do not quote me on it. I want to complete this more than anyone else. It will not include GPS import because I do not want to release everything at once. Since much of the code to support GPS import is in place, it should be released fairly soon after the log release. Although I may not be as active in the forums, I'm putting in more time into the site than ever before. The log and GPS import has taken much longer than anticipated but I assure you that it will be done. Thank you for your patience and continuing support! eric :-)
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        This is a neat tool. I seem to have lost my running log today, could it be related to the upgrade? Is there anyway I can access the data? I use runnersworld.com site to access your site through their training log feature. Thanks.
        eric :)

          I seem to have lost my running log today, could it be related to the upgrade? Is there anyway I can access the data? I use runnersworld.com site to access your site through their training log feature. Thanks.
          Can you elaborate on your apparent lost of data? The upgrade hasn't happened yet and won't happen for a couple of months. If you're logging your data via Runner's World, your data is on their servers and not on mine. You'll need to contact RW for assistance.

            I love the site; before I found RA I kept very spotty records of my running and just recently discovered the calendar where I think I wrote down the first day I ran a whole mile. Thanks to your log, even with what you call its deficiencies, I trained for and successfully ran my first half marathon in February, at a pace that I could not have believed possible. The fact that you think your site's membership even deserves an explanation for your perceived silence and/or absence from the forums says much about you. We so appreciate your hard work!

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              Spectacular work!!! Eric does ROCK! Big grin

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                eric... thanks. Smile

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                  Thanks, Eric. This sounds awesome! I can't wait! Smile Jilly
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                    Outstanding! Thanks for the update. Thanks for Running Ahead, I appreciate this site so much. Kenny
                      Thanks for all your hard work Eric. Donating again soon.


                          Thanks for all your hard work, Eric, looking forward to the new release Smile

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                            Eric: Not even worried about what you are up to. I am awed and inspired by your dedication! THANKS
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                              Everything sound great, eric. Thanks for everything you do for us.


                                Hopefully, everyone who uses the log can hop on paypal and buy our good friend Eric a couple of cups of Starbucks when this thing comes out. Or a big screen TV or something Wink Whatever your budget supports.

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