Running in Extreme Weather (Read 370 times)

    I used to run every day at noon in Austin, TX so I'm sure there were some very nasty heat n humidity days in there but the worst that comes to mind was the 2007 Chicago Marathon.  90's and somewwhat humid.

      What's the most extreme weather you've ever run in?  The coldest, the hottest, the wettest, the windiest, etc.


      For me, I've run in 0 degrees, but never below 0.  I've run in 92 degrees, and it was way worse than 0.  I've run in 2 blizzards, and have ran in freezing fog that frosted my hair white.


      I know you guys have run in some crazy weather.  Let's hear about it!


      I was just thinking yesterday that I'd so much rather run in the cold - even 15 degrees, wind, and snow - than in 90 and humidity. I HATE running in the heat!


      Most extreme...hmmm, I did once run in North Carolina at noon in July. That sucked. And I more recently ran in an Actual Blizzard, with six inches on the ground and rapidly accumulating. That was kind of fun though. There was nobody else on the sidewalks or on the road. It was like a ghost city.



      Modified to add: duh, how could I forget the alpine trail race I ran in blinding 85-degree sun with almost no shade? That has to be the dumbest and most extreme run I've done, actually. *shudder*


        Being from central Ohio, we get to run in all the extremes. I have run in -20 with chill factor and the hottest would be somewhere at 100 +, and with the humidity levels around here it is miserable. I have a nice treadmill but absolutely hate running on one unless there is just no way to get outside.

        Gator eye

          My coldest was 6 miles in -6, but that felt like nothing to the 10 miles I did last weekend when it was 4 degrees with a 25 mph wind.


          I'll take the cold with no wind any day over a strong breeze.


          levitation specialist

            So I beat my old cold record. -12 this morning. Wind wasn't as bad though, but then I ran a more protected section of trail(getting smarter at this running thing!)

            Butter Tart

              Coldest : about -25 Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit)

              Hottest: I hate hot weather, but I do sometimes run at noon in the summer, at least 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit)


                I think living in Canada gives me an unfair advantage Smile


                Coldest:  -45f which sadly was last night...I have others in the -30's but hadn't crossed the 40's until yesterday.  My GOD that was cold.


                Warmest: 101f with a high humidity so it felt like 115, I choose mid-day to see what it would actually feel like in that temp, managed 10k and didn't feel too bad...but the dip in the pool was a dream afterwards


                Windiest - no idea, but nothing serious maybe 30-40k gusts is all


                The funny part is both of those (hot/cold) occurred within 7mths of each other.

                  Coldest was single digits, though I'm not sure quite what.  We routinely get 25mph+ winds when it's cold and have seen temps as low as -1F before wind chill this week.  I know this is nothing to some of you, but farm land doesn't block wind so well. Smile


                  My face mask froze to my beard recently.


                  Hottest was 100F+.  At least one of those times was during my only ultra.  That was...special.


                  I do prefer the heat to the cold, however, and will gladly run slowly with a heat index over 100F, while I whine whenever it is below 20F or so.


                  Most extreme?  I've run in over a foot of snow during the storm.  I actually really enjoyed that.


                  I also got stuck out in a thunderstorm with 60mph+ winds once.  I booked the two miles home when I saw it coming and still got hammered. I love when the weather forecasts miss the front's arrival by a couple hours.

                  "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
                  Emil Zatopek

                    5F this morning and pretty breezy, NWS says wind chill was -13.  I didn't feel cold, just moved to push the tempo a bit.  I've run at 100F 96F too.  I'm not so fast at that temp.  Oh, and there was the run in the ice storm.  The quarter inch of ice on my glasses meant they had to come off.  That's called running blind.

                    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                      You guys who run in the heat are rock stars in my book.  Anything over 80 makes me wilt into a baby and slink off to the indoor, air conditioned track.  And anything over 70 will have me running through any sprinkler, puddle, or shade spot I can find along my route.  Lots of times, if I see someone watering their garden, I will ask them to spray me as I go by.  And even with that, I always end up with a throbbing headache after a warm run.  My summer miles are always way lower than my winter miles.


                      More cowbell!

                        My coldest was running the 5K portion of a Splash n Dash at 6*F.  That was immediately after a 1000 yd indoor swim, so yes, making sure the nether regions were extra insulated was a major consideration.

                        STILL HAVING FUN!!!

                        Hoodoo Guru

                          I was out of town the week it hit 109 here this summer.  I actually wished I had a chance to run in that.  Ran at 100 a couple of days earlier that week.  Don't think I've run in weather any colder that the upper teens.

                          The tangents are moot.




                          Wandering Wally

                            Coldest run ever was about -20F.  Afterwards I decided that would be my lower limit for running outside.


                            Wildest weather would be in a complete whiteout at night.  I knew I was moving but had no visual references to be able to tell.  That gets dangerous on road segments so I don't run in whiteouts anymore.


                            Last summer I had a run where I got caught a couple miles away from town when a thunderstorm opened up.  Lightening, thunder, torrential rain.  Yikes!  I think I set a new pace record on my way home.


                            Warmest, about 90F.  That was too hot for me.  Blah.  I don't like running in the heat.

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                              I was out of town the week it hit 109 here this summer.  I actually wished I had a chance to run in that.  Ran at 100 a couple of days earlier that week.  Don't think I've run in weather any colder that the upper teens.


                              About 15 years ago  I spent an entire afternoon kayaking on the Snake River in 109 degree heat. I like the hot weather up to a point and didn't realize how much sun and heat I was getting after a few hours. On the 70 mile drive home afterwards I was close to passing out and realized that I had gotten too much sun and heat and was suffering from heat exhaustion. For the next several YEARS after that episode, I no longer could tolerate hot weather like I always had previously. It was probably 5 years or so before I got back to where I enjoyed 90+ F temps again. Just saying, enjoy the heat and test out your running ability in it, but err on the side of caution and pay attention to your body. 

                              Saint Olethros

                                Lets see 30-40mph wind gusts are the norm here,  but when it starts to get over that point I call it and stick to the treadmill


                                This last week has been below zero with windchill reaching down to -25 - -30 ; last summer I did a x/c race in which the race time temps were in the low 90's and the humidity matched it


                                I live in a beautiful but brutal place.....