Winter Clothing (Read 639 times)


levitation specialist

    For runs of 20 degrees or above to 45, I wear a long sleeve tech shirt(North Face), light tights(Yellowman), a skullcap(Zensah) and light gloves(Zensah).

    For runs between -05 to 20, I wear a light jacket(Title Nine), the same long sleeve tech shirt, mid weight tights(Title Nine), skullcap(Zensah) and ear fleece band(Ploarfleece), North Face windwall gloves.

    Under -05 to WTF, I wear a heavier 1/2 zip jacket(actually I think it's technically a "shirt" by Moving Comfort), same long sleeve tech shirt, heavy lined soft shell running pants(Athleta), double up my light gloves under the windwall ones, and wear a Smartwool beanie over my skullcap & earband.


    You basically need to find out what areas of you specifically get cold easier than others and modify your apparel. My hands get cold and stay cold, so they always are my warmest layer. My upper body also gets an extra layer before the lower does. It takes a lot for my legs to get cold!