Free Smartwool Socks (Read 281 times)


    This is a shameless self-promotion.  I have entered a contest with a local shoe store to win $500 in free Smartwool socks.  To win, I need to get the most "Likes" on my sock photo on Facebook.  If you have a second, I would super appreciate if you might click on the link below and "Like" my sock photo.  Thank you!  I could really use some good new socks!




      Fantastic picture--you should win for sure!!

        I liked your socks for ya.  

        - Joe

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          Thanks!  We are in 3rd place now, just barely hanging on.  I can almost feel the cozy new running socks . . .  Smile

          One day at a time

            I liked them, too!

              done and done!

              $500 worth of smartwool. wow, that should last a lifetime!

                I just splurged and bought a pair of smart wool socks.I love them! Last week, I ran in below zero temps and my tootsies were fine -- the cold was a non-issue. Amazing.


                Good luck.



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                  Done. Hope you win!

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                    Thank you.  The competition is getting tough!  

                    Queen of 3rd Place

                      I've never before participated in any of these "like me because blah blah", but that's a pretty cute pic. And you guys for sure need some new socks. Smile

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                        We are in 3rd place still, and there are only 2 days left to vote.  I would REALLY appreciate any votes I can get.  Thank you so much in advance!