IT Band Knee Pain - Need Help (Read 39 times)


    Hi - I was training for the Boston Marathon in February when I started getting severe pain in the lateral outside portion of my right knee. I couldn't even walk down stairs without pain. An X-Ray, an MRI, and three doctors later, I was told that the diagnosis was a tight IT band. Rest, foam roll, massage, and do hip/glute strengthening exercises were my recommendations, along with PT.


    It's now September. After doing PT for months and then independently doing the hip/glute strengthening exercises daily thereafter, my pain initially went away. I could do the elliptical, cycle, walk, go up and down stairs no problem without pain, but I was hesitant to start running again. Last weekend I decided to go for literally a light jog, and the pain immediately came back after about 2 miles. It's like everything I did from February through now was a waste since I now have horrible pain walking down the stairs.


    I saw another doctor today, and he told me that i have "tibial torsion," so the bone alignment of my tibia could be causing the problem. To my dismay, his recommendation was likewise hip/glute strengthening exercises and orthotics.


    Has anyone had nagging IT band pain in their knee like this, and if so, how did you ultimately conquer it? I'm going to try active release therapy, but


      Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) and anti-inflammatory medications are first-line treatments.