The Science of the Long Run (Read 1761 times)

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    We have had an incidence (occasion?) that this ultra guy tried to set up and he (or I think it was "she") was already like 3+ hours...  


    That was me, coming off my one and only 50-mile event, can't say I'm really an ultra gal. Blush


    One thing I learned from ultra training is that those long trail runs (4, 5, 6 hrs) didn't beat me up NEARLY as much as the 3-hr (ish) long runs I used to complete in marathon training. That 50-miler ended up being a VERY good experience and I was able to run strong throughout. In contrast, any marathons I had tried to race (vs. those run just for fun) had me toeing the line with beat up legs.


    More recently, I've been keeping my road long runs at 2:30 - 2:40 in duration. With that duration, I get a nice workout where I'm able to run strong for the entire time, maybe even ramp up the pace the last several miles, and run normally the next day. I think there's a quality-of-the-workout issue here (and I think Nobby has been trying to get at this idea). What is the longest period of time you can run and still finish the workout strong? Conversely, if you're struggling at the end, have you accomplished anything that's going to help you on race day?

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      From the Wiki - "This correlation may include physiological factors as well as physiological ones."

      Huh? Looks like this typo needs to be changed.


      I used to run all my usual long runs for 3hrs, but as I have gotten faster, I have reduced my usual long run down to 2.5hrs as the 3hr runs were almost becoming a marathon.


        I would just mention in passing, since some may not be aware of it, that fellrnr is a "top level athlete"  - assuming we're still counting utlrarunners as "athletes" Smile


        Indeed.  Fellrnr competed for the USA in the World 24hr Championships in Katowice, Poland in 2012.


        For those who are into 24hr races, I think the team was Serge Arbona, Phil McCarthy, Fellrnr, Mike Morton, Jon Olsen and Harvey Lewis.  I can't remember if Fejes got in or not.

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           I can't remember if Fejes got in or not.


          I think he did, but someone may correct me.

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