Graphs weird - each run over several day (Read 599 times)


    Hi Eric, Can you have a quick look at my girlfriends log: http://www.runningahead.com/log.aspx?eid=c24cff507238436a91f0b9df0c71acbf username sparra For some reason her individual runs are showing on the default graph over a couple of days. She hasn't knowingly changed any graph settings and I can't see any set up or log issues that would cause this. Any ideas? Thanks, Scott
      Scott, That's a problem with the graphing package I use. I talked with the author over a year ago about it and he said it's by design. Basically, the width of the graph does not auto scale to the x-axis. I have a hack that will fix it, and I'll do that when I upgrade the analysis portions of the site (real soon). eric Smile

        Thanks Eric. I presume this is ok if you have more entries in a month? Mine seems fine. Cheers, Scott
          The problem will go away when she has enough runs clustered together. If the runs are far in between, then you'll get the fat graph problem. eric Smile