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    i haven't ran in two weeks while trying to get ready for my dissertation defense. Well, no more...back to running tomorrow. After a few hours of painful humiliation (took it like a man though)...i passed the defense...just got to do some revisions and then i get that little PhD...after a few beers (well, a lot of beers)..i'm ready to clonk out now and will get up tomorrow for a nice little run. just thought i'd share... aloha, steve
      WooHoo!!! Congrats, Steve !

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        congratulations steve! thats a huge achievement
          That's awesome, Dr. Steve! We were hoping you weren't injured during your absence.

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            Nice job dude! Welcome back to running. I keep thinking about getting a PhD, but the best reason I can come up with is so people will address me as Dr. Phil.


              That is such a great accomplishment Dr. SurfnRun! Those defenses can be grueling. Been there. Dr. Crabby
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              You'll ruin your knees!

                ...so the defense rests! Congrats! Woot! Lynn B

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                  CONGRATS!!!!! Have a nice run today!!

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                    Congratulations Steve!! What an accomplishment! Can I ask what your research was on? Smile
                      Congrats Steve! All that work finally paid off!


                        That's awesome, Steve! You deserved those few (a lot) of beers! Good luck on the revisions. Smile k

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                          Congratulations! The next beer I have will be in your honor! Big grin (Pam, we'll have to make a toast to Steve on Saturday night after our long run!)



                            Congrats Dr. Steve!!! What subject did you study?
                              Yeah! Did you get a little emotional high afterwards? I could not imagine doing a PhD in with my major. From what I have seen, I could characterize PhD programs as full time job plus some for minimal pay. You go to the University of Hawaii ? One of my best and most enthusiastic professors used to teach out there. modal (remembers seeing lots of cats at the uni over there)


                                Congratulations!!! That's a BIG BIG deal!! Smile
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