Vote - would you pre-order a technical shirt from RA? (Read 771 times)

    1) pre-order and pre-pay 2) pre-order only Style 1) long sleeve 2) short sleeve 3) tank I would be willing to pre-order and pre-pay style 2 or 3 - but would probably order any

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    12 Monkeys

      Yep. But how much $? Either is fine.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Any style(s) would be good to me...I'd happily prepay, too. Smile k

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        I've got a fever...

          I'd prepay. preferred style would be short-sleeve.

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            I think it would have to be pre-order & pre-pay. To eliminate risk of over stock.


            I fly.

              I'd preorder & prepay assuming they weren't outrageously expensive. Short sleeve or long sleeve would be best, but I really don't care about the style.

              Bring it on.

                As we move into the spring/summer running season, I'd prefer short sleeve. I'd prepay, pre-order. Whatever is needed to make this work...

                CPT Curmudgeon

                  I'd probably start with the short sleeve, but be willing to get a long sleeve later. I'd pre-pay if necessary.
                    Pre order, pre pay, short sleeve now. Than once we see how successful this long sleeve for fall.
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                      Pre-order and pre-pay and all three styles are ok by me!

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                        Oh. A short sleeve and a long sleeve but not the tank top.


                        12 Monkeys

                          I have done technical shirts before. For about $20 each, we can get nice shirts made. The more buyers, the less expensive the shirts.
                            I would preorder and prepay. Prefer the tank for summer (gets very humid in Virginia Beach in the summer) and long sleeve for fall/winter
                              Pre-order, pre-pay, short sleeves... I'll take two!

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                                Pre-order, pre-pay, short sleeve or tank. Robin