Vote - would you pre-order a technical shirt from RA? (Read 771 times)

12 Monkeys

    Having had several shirts made, we have screened on technical shirts. Our costs were usually $50 per screen as a one-time setup (or$10 re-set up) and $1.50 per color per print/location. So a three color shirt would require 3 setup charges and three per-shirt print charges, or $54.50 to print 1 shirt, $59 to print 2 shirts, $94.50 to print 10 shirts, $500 to print 100 shirts, etc. Plus the cost of the shirt itself.

      ...If it's not too much trouble - could you do light blue background, "Running" outlined in white - just curious to see how it would look if the colors were kept to 2. Thanks!
      Hmmm. I can't figure out how to do white outlined letters...


          Prepay and preorder, aye. I don't hate any of the designs, though some are better than others. I would buy the shirt to support the site regardless of design [unless it looks bloody awful.] I would prefer a short sleeve or tank. Something summery.
            I'm not good with designs but how about some sort of 'I beat the pace bunny' type logo which those of us which manage to do as such get to buy too?? (Think of it as an added incentive for those of us that may be lagging behind somewhat Blush)
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              I'd happily pre-order & pre-pay. I think a tank & a long sleeve for me. Maybe a short sleeve?? I don't know, if it is running gear, I'm a sucker.
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                I'd wear that, too. Chances are if multiple styles were offered that I would eventually own one of each style (one benefit to 4 very defined seasons)....tank, ss, ls, windbreaker, fleece, hat, skirt, etc... I'd wear them proudly! Smile k
                Just catching up on this thread. I'd probably end up owning one of everything too. I'd love a tank with a built-in bra.
                So do not get tired and stop trying. - Hebrews 12:3