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The voice of mile 18

    Mrs. H is almost ready to give the green light on a dog. probably going to be a shelter dog but am looking for recommendations on breeds - gotta be good w/ kids, not shed a ton, and likes to run but won't go insane if it doesn't get to exercise every 20 minutes.

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      When I was younger my family had two Siberian Huskies. Awesome breed, if you ask me. In the mornings during the fall I would take the male one (Misty) out running with me, he did great. He loved the run. The female one (Brandy) wasn't all that bright, running with her was a death wish, she would trip me, run towards moving cars, jump at people walking by... Not a good dog if you don't like dealing with grooming. I used to brush them every other day. But the energy level was perfect.


      The voice of mile 18

        love huskies but lots of hair. but the coolest eyes. our neighbor had one and it was a sweet dog.

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          We've got a Border Terrier. He's good with the kids, he doesn't shed a lot, and he likes to run. He's a little dog, so I don't generally go faster than 7:20 pace, and I haven't worked him up to more and three miles at a time, but the breed was bred to run with horses and hounds for fox hunting. I assume he'd be able to do longer runs if I worked him up to it. The only downside is that Border Terriers are hard to find in shelters.

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            I think a Queensland Heeler (aka Australian Cattle Dog) would be a good running partner. They're very intelligent, loyal and protective. They are a working breed and love to be active. Ours has been great with our kids, but your results may vary.

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              You can research breeds at akc.org. I would look for a temperament that suits you and your family lifestyle. Predictable behavior would be important consideration w/ kids. We have a Vizsla. Smile
                I have a shepherd and a weimy. I don't run with my dogs. But, I think a good breed to run with might be a Belgian malinois. They just don't know when to stop.
                  I love the Vizsla.


                    Can't beat an American Lab. There are two breeds of Labrador Retrievers. American-long legged and English-shorter and stockier. I have owned an English and she would literally sit down in the middle of a run in protest. My latest-Norbert is a American male and loves to run. You can see him by clicking on my profile. Great with kids too. btw-he's has become so good ...when an oncoming car is approaching all I have to say is "get up" and he'll jump up on the curb to give me extra space. Also have owned an English Setter--don't go there unless you run over 70 miles/week
                      A friend of mine just got a German Shorthair Retriever, after her Lab died. Supposed to be low-shedding, and enough energy to run with, and good with kids (one of her kids got bit by a lab they had oncve, so she'd pretty particular).
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                        I loved my parent's old English Labrador retriever. She was sweet with kids, and loved to run. Their current American variety is psycho-- I think it actually causes her physical pain to sit still! She has to be moving at all times! Of course, the cutest, gentlest dog ever is a Pyrenees.... but unless you love to brush, they wouldn't be the breed for you. My avatar and profile pics are of Larry, who I take running when the temp is less than 65F!

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                          I don't know much about dog breeds (more of a mutt-lover, myself) but I've always thought it a cool idea to rescue a greyhound from the racetracks. I've heard, however, that you MUST keep them on-leash as they will chase anything that looks/moves like a rabbit. Wink

                          The voice of mile 18

                            looked a greyhounds and didnt' seem like a good match they are bit twitchy, if not a fenced yard they may run forever and day, and apparently super flatulence.

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                            Along for the Ride

                              Mutt is the way to go Smile I just came back from a run with our dog-girl. She is a golden retriever/yellow lab mix. Very gentle, loves kids, has a ton of personality. She goes with the flow and is happy just lounging around or running. She has her moments but today she was the perfect angel while running. Right by my side. Didn't mind other dogs or cars or people. We only stopped for two little girls that "please please" wanted to pet her. She does need brushing and does shed. But otherwise she is perfect! Maybe have in mind the type of dog you want and go to the shelter with your kids. The right dog will find her/his way into your hearts. You can never go wrong listening to your intuition.

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                                I have three retired racing greyhounds. They are not distance runners and wouldn't be a good dog if you were specifically getting a dog to run with. As for temperment, they are as a breed very laid back and sleep 20-22 hours a day. My sister has one as well and he is excellent with their 1 year old twins. Greyhounds must always be on leash or in a fenced area and this is normally stated in the adoption contract. Greys are sighthounds and have very limited recall when they're chasing something, so for their safety, they should never be allowed to run loose. As for the flatulence, mine are on a premium food and we hardly ever have a problem. Robin