The Waltons aka Advanced Half Marathon Training Thread - 2022 edition (Read 390 times)

    Mark nice recovery week. My daughter has a cold this week and testing negative. A few bugs going around. Jake Robertson ran a 28 min 10k to win the Manchester run last night. Sam Tanner ran a nice 1.35 1500 last week for 2nd place and a new outdoor PB.


    Darkwave good that coming off the pill is working well. I really like the Adios 6. I cant fault it apart from what classification is it. I would say a tempo/easy day shoe. 10 years ago I would have happily worn these in a marathon. How times have changed ! My mate used them for a marathon a week ago and found them super comfy compared to his Vaporfly.


    Hash that was a beastly long run especially with that uphill finish. You must be close to sub 3 form. Have you run a sub 3 before ?


    Flavio nice on the strength work. I still do mine twice or more per week but have given up on deadlift and squats due to my terrible form hurting my back. Im doing a 200s workout this week too. Just aiming to turn the legs over faster than 5k pace.

    I only ever ran 1 1500m race when I was about 15. It was at regional athletics and I was there for the discus but one of our 1500m runners was out so coach asked if I wanted to run. I remember finishing 2nd to last and been 200m behind the first place finishers at the end. No idea of time.


    Fred I read about that casualty at the Brooklyn half. Like you say with 19000 people there are some high odds of a medical event occurring.


    Watson good luck on the rehabilitation.


    I did a slow recovery run to start my week after a big weekend. Heart rate was around 116 bpm  which is about right for me.

    50+ PBs -  

    5k 18.21 Hagley Parkrun  July 21      82.27 % age grade

    10k TT 37.21 may 2nd 2021 strava run 82.51 % age grade

    Half marathon  1.23.30 may 21 80.11 % age grade

    " If you don't use it you lose it,  but if you use it, it wears out.

    Somewhere in between is about right "      



      Piwi - what time did your mate run?  Did he run quicker/slower/same as the VaporFlys in a marathon?  Or has he never run in the VaporFlys in marathon?  And I presume you're meaning the Next % (v1 or v2)?

      PRs: 5km 18:43 (Dec 2015), 10km 39:59 (Sep 2020), half 1:26:16 (Sep 2016), full 3:09:28 (Jun 2015)


      40+ PRs: 5km 19:31 (Oct 2020), 10km 39:59 (Sep 2020), half 1:29:39 (Jun 2018), full 3:13:55 (Sep 2022)

        He ran Hawkes bay in 3.20 but wasn't an all out effort due to covid etc a few weeks ago. I believe he has the very first version of Vaporfly 4% before Next % came out.

        50+ PBs -  

        5k 18.21 Hagley Parkrun  July 21      82.27 % age grade

        10k TT 37.21 may 2nd 2021 strava run 82.51 % age grade

        Half marathon  1.23.30 may 21 80.11 % age grade

        " If you don't use it you lose it,  but if you use it, it wears out.

        Somewhere in between is about right "      



          Hashiritai - the only way I could do back to back races is if it was like a 3,000m or 5km first and then maybe a 10km or HM the next day.  I would be way too munted otherwise.  Saw that Makara run on Strava, nice job.  It's always interesting see the long runs people do in different areas - up here the most popular options are Waitaks, Riverhead forest or the Orewa loop.  Great week of training.


          (note for non-Kiwis, munted = damaged / ruined)


          Flavio - good coaches are like that!  They know how to push you harder without totally blowing you up.


          Fred - was sorry to see the news about someone passing away at the Brooklyn Half.  Like Piwi says, with big races and that many people it's inevitable that will happen sooner or latter.


          Darkwave - good to hear that coming off the medication seems to have helped.  It's crazy how drugs can mess with your body.  I have never felt as awful running as when I was on doxycycline 18 months or so ago.  Good luck for the second attempt at the IUD!


          Watson - hope the rehab is progressing well.


          Piwi - think we could be in for a rough winter tbh.  Some of the run of the mill colds seem to have gotten niggly, maybe just because we're not used to them after so much lockdown.  My wife and I have both been battling the same thing for close to 2 weeks now.  Of course the 5yo bounced back from it after a day or two lol.  Did your daughter catch Covid the first time around when you and some of the rest of your family had it?


          James - we had a surprisingly humid run here last week, unusually high for May although not as bad as what you described.  Always impressive how you keep that training so consistent despite juggling assorted injury niggles.

          3,000m: 9:07.7 (Nov-21) | 5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20)  

          10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) | HM: 1:09:41 (May-21)* | FM: 2:41:41 (Oct-20)

          * Net downhill course

          Last race: National 10km Road Champs, 4 Sept, 34:13

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            Quick drop off as I just got back from extreme serenity at Maruia Springs and now have a deployment for work (on my day off...).


            Pretty light week but slowly building back up after the race.  I'm ready to have another crack at marathon training and feeling pretty confident with my fresh legs.  I'd forgotten that I technically got a 5km PR in my 10km in February so 2022 has the potential for PRs for all distances from 5km to marathon, with just the marathon outstanding.  I hesitate to say it, because it's a marathon, but given it will be my first it should be the "easiest" PR of them all.


            Weekly for period: From: 16/05/2022 To 22/05/2022

            Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
            in m
            16/05 Warm up 0.34 0.55 00:02:53 08:29 05:15 0
            16/05 Easy 10km 6.45 10.38 00:50:03 07:46 04:49 10
            16/05 Strides 0.48 0.78 00:03:37 07:32 04:38 0
            18/05 Warm up 0.34 0.54 00:03:11 09:22 05:54 0
            18/05 Easy 10km 6.47 10.42 00:51:58 08:02 04:59 10
            18/05 Strides 0.73 1.18 00:06:01 08:15 05:06 0
            19/05 Recovery 5.54 8.91 00:46:51 08:27 05:15 11
            20/05 Warm up 0.34 0.54 00:03:00 08:49 05:33 0
            20/05 Easy 8km 5.05 8.12 00:40:15 07:58 04:57 9
            20/05 Strides 0.72 1.15 00:05:19 07:23 04:37 0
            21/05 Warm up 0.34 0.55 00:03:08 09:13 05:42 0
            21/05 90 mins easy pace 11.36 18.29 01:30:12 07:56 04:56 16
            22/05 Recovery 5.10 8.20 00:44:19 08:41 05:24 0

            Total distance: 69.60km

            Net Downhill PB Southern Lakes Half Marathon 2022 1:27:32, Flat Course PB Christchurch 2016 1:29.25

            Recent Races:   Southern Lakes Half Marathon 1:27:32 May 7, 2022, Motorway 10km 40:49 February 27, 2022, Selwyn Running Festival Half-Marathon 1:29:32  November 7, 2021

            Race plan:  Melbourne Marathon October 2, 2022.  Queenstown Half Marathon November 19, 2022



              Hash that was a beastly long run especially with that uphill finish. You must be close to sub 3 form. Have you run a sub 3 before ?



              I haven't even run a Marathon before. Up till now my focus has been on the shorter distances. And it still is, it's just that I've fallen in with the wrong crowd Smile


              Apparently a good solid Makara loop plus 20mins is a strong indication of a road marathon time. So may be close to sub 3. The 2 guys I'm training with are preparing for the Welly marathon, so no doubt there'll be a few more big runs that I can tag along with.

              50+ age-group PBs:  Half Perish 1:28:11 (Sept '22 - Sandy Point Off-Road Half) - 10km 37:52 (2022 Wellington Road Champs); - Track 5km 18:49 (Aug '22); Track Mile 5:32 (2021)

              2022 Goals: Half Perish 4:00 pace - Road/Track 10km 3:45 pace - 5km 3:35 pace

              2022 Races: Southland Half Perish Sept 18 - Southland 10 Miler Oct 9



              Intl. correspondent

                DW - It’s like your life is a steeple chase race with all the imbalances.

                Still some very good workouts in there and a ton of activities. You're the poster girl for "produce results, not excuses" 👏


                Caitlin - are you alright? I didn’t see your race on Strava and figured maybe it was a DNS


                James - A left knee issue could cause issues on right hamstring due to overcompensation on gait, which you are very unlikely to notice. The opposite could also happen. 


                Piwi - Yeah, that’s why I deadlift with a lower weight, so I can do them with proper form. The deadlift is surprisingly quite complex to get right.

                Like if you bend your knee too much it almost becomes a squat.

                If you tense your neck or jaw too much you will then have trouble on the upper back. The head must be neutral and that’s hard to achieve.

                Then on the way up you’re supposed to push the ground with your heels and that also requires some extra concentration.

                And above all you must engage/contract glutes and abs throughout the movement.


                Watson - I do weighted pushups like in the image below:

                Weighed pushup


                Sometimes though I have to do like this one image below (I do 3x6 with 5kg though):

                Weighed pushup weight plate

                PRs: 1500 4:54.1 2019 - 5K 17:56 2021 HM 1:21:59 2021

                Up next: Corrida do Dragão 10k

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                  Flavio, I'm OK, thanks for checking.  The heatwave got to me.  I still felt off Sat am from running in 77* w/ 77% humidity Fri.  We went down to the festival Sat evening and even drinking water in the shade took a toll on me.  Running for 2-3 hrs Sun am in the heat just didn't sound smart.  I'm in a bit of mental death spiral debating whether I need to give up running altogether this summer.  Luckily we have a week of cooler rain for common sense to prevail.

                  5k 24:53 (2020) |10k 52:24 (2021) |HM 1:57:14 (2019) |FM 4:24 (2007) |50k 5:57 (2022)




                    Cfarr, nice race report.  Sounds like you did all could under those conditions.  Enjoy Guam!


                    Piwi, wow what a confidence-boosting week!  Great job!


                    Mark, your down weeks are still quite impressive.  Glad to hear you’re feeling better


                    Hashiritai, well done on the LR! Is it too late for you to register for this marathon all your running partners are running? Finding out a few weeks before a marathon that you could run one well would be an awesome surprise.


                    Flavio, nice workouts.  How high will your weekly mileage get training for a shorted distance?


                    Fred, congratulations on your son’s graduation.  I do wonder at what point these big races should be obligated to cancel.  Especially given the uptick in NYC hospital resources already being used.


                    DW, wow running that hard in Sat’s weather.  Good luck with IUD this week


                    James, works very well that you live in the South.  Did you grow up there?  Do you think that contributed to your temps being off?


                    Watson, good luck with your continued recovery


                    Steve, wow PRs in all 4 distances?  That’s huge!  But agreed finishing the marathon won’t be an issue assuming you can start one.

                    5k 24:53 (2020) |10k 52:24 (2021) |HM 1:57:14 (2019) |FM 4:24 (2007) |50k 5:57 (2022)




                      Significantly fewer miles than I was hoping for but 2 URDs will do that.  Did a 5k time trial that ended up being 3k Mon to get new training paces.  The 800m workout using the new paces was very, very doable.  Then as I said above the heatwave started Fri and knocked me out the rest of the week.


                      Weekly for period: From: 05/16/2022 To 05/22/2022

                      Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                      in ft
                      05/16 Morning Run 1.50 2.42 00:15:37 10:25 06:27 43
                      05/16 Assessing current fitness 1.87 3.01 00:15:04 08:03 05:00 23
                      05/16 Morning Run 1.10 1.77 00:10:55 09:55 06:10 3
                      05/17 Morning Run 6.01 9.67 01:05:16 10:52 06:45 128
                      05/18 Morning Run 6.61 10.64 01:11:12 10:46 06:42 131
                      05/19 6 x 800m w/400 recovery 7.20 11.59 01:12:44 10:06 06:17 125
                      05/20 About as unpleasant as expected 8.61 13.85 01:38:20 11:25 07:06 131

                      Total distance: 32.91mi

                      5k 24:53 (2020) |10k 52:24 (2021) |HM 1:57:14 (2019) |FM 4:24 (2007) |50k 5:57 (2022)




                        Corey - shame about the toe but sounds like a strong race regardless.


                        Piwi - 50 miles and a workout? You're back.


                        Mark - sorry about the start of the week.


                        James I'll believe you're acclimated when your watch says so.


                        Hash - When's the marathon. That's quite the long run.


                        Flavio - is your strength coach also your running coach? If not it's more impressive that they have figured out how much energy you have available.


                        Fred - Congratulations to your son! I heard about the heat at the Half and wondered if you were participating. Shame about what happened.


                        DWave - the saga continues. Ugg. At least you're off the Slynd and it made running easier immediately. Good heat adjustments, sometimes it's just too darn hot  to hold pace



                        Watson - good luck with the rehab. Bent knee or straight knee calf raises?



                        Flavio - (Re: pushups) You wish


                        Catilinn at least you recognize it's ok to miss a race. I hope you rediscover enough passion to get through the awful summer.


                        I had a solid week which I'll post latter when I have time.

                        1600 - 5:23 (2018), 5k - 19:33 (2018), 10k - 41:20 (2021), half - 1:38:57 (2018), Marathon - 3:37:17 (2018)





                          James, works very well that you live in the South.  Did you grow up there?  Do you think that contributed to your temps being off?



                          Yes & yes.  As an adult I've also lived in Mexico, Guyana, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Spain, and Brazil for a combined 14+ years, as well as about a decade in the DC area, so I've spent nearly all my life in places with at least hot summers.  Chile (3 years) was pretty mild, and a year in Ann Arbor was a good academic experience but reminded me why I like warm weather.

                          Post-1987 PRs:  Half 1:30:14 (2019); 10K 39:35 (2019); 5K 19:12 (2017); Mile 5:37.3 (2020)

                          2022 Goals: Get/stay healthy; run consistently; Half<1:30; PR or 80% age-grade at one distance


                            M 20 min swim + 40 min easy run

                            10 mi w/ 4x200, 4xKM, 4x200

                            W  50 min E run, 55 min E ride

                            Th 35 min continuous swim, 55 min E w/ 6 strides

                            F 6.6 mi w/ 3xmi on min rest

                            S 47 min E w/ 6 strides + 4 hour slow bike (w/ kids)

                            S 4 hour slow bike (w/ kids) + 10.4 mi "long" run at a strong pace (8:04/mi)


                            47.7 miles running

                            70 mi biking

                            1.5 mi swim


                            A very solid week, I especially liked Tuesday's workout where I ran the first 200s under control (40-41), ran the KMs progressively (3:57, 55, 52, 45) and closed with some fast 200s (36, 37, 36, 34) while still feeling under control rather than sprinting.


                            The 3xmi, the effort was honestly hot and HR reflected that but paces were 6:52, 37, 44 with a headwind for the first and part of the third rep.


                            It is officially taper time, the hay is in the barn, yadda yadda yadda. This week is a couple of bricks to get the legs used to running off the bike and the big race is Saturday!

                            1600 - 5:23 (2018), 5k - 19:33 (2018), 10k - 41:20 (2021), half - 1:38:57 (2018), Marathon - 3:37:17 (2018)


                            Running Musician

                              Trying to catch up here...


                              Zebano - It's great to have a "solid week" so close to a race.  Try to stay sane during the taper and good luck at the race.  Thanks on the graduation.  I ran the Brooklyn Half once, but the logistics are too daunting for me (I had to leave my home at 4:30am), so I don't see myself running it again.


                              James - I can see how you're a warm weather guy with that geographical background.  I hope the knee is improving.


                              Ccoakley - Heat early in the season always gets to me too.  I find with the Hansons workouts the first 3/4 of the repeats aren't the problem; it's the last few that hurt for me.  Thanks on the graduation congrats.  NYC's current mayor doesn't seem a fan of mask mandates, so I think the races will go on for now.


                              Flavio - Interesting point on the deadlifts.  Not that I do them, but good to know in case I ever start.


                              Hash - In retrospect, I ran my marathons too early in my running career.  I did my first one only 2½ years after my first 5k, but it's been 4 years since I last ran a marathon (though I plan to do one next year).  So I guess I'm saying you're doing it right by waiting so long.  Nice job on the 34km run.


                              Steve - Good luck with your upcoming marathon training.  I hope you get the PR you're looking for.


                              Piwi - I hope your daughter recovers (or has already).  Nice recovery run.


                              Watson - Glad to hear you had a good week.  I hope the glute workouts help.


                              DW  - Sorry the medical issues haven't been resolved yet.  I hope you can get that sorted out soon.  Good that the dehydration has been addressed.  You're right about people pushing too much in big events.  Remember the BQ-friendly race in Pennsylvania a few years ago that got interrupted by a freight train and some people were so desperate they jumped through the moving train to keep going?


                              Mark - I hope you're feeling better now after the tough start to the week.


                              Cfarr - not the ideal way to spend a night before a race.  Add in the toe, the shirt, and the calf, and it's great that you just finished.  Well done.


                              As usual, sorry if I missed someone.


                              We had an unusually warm weekend, so I ran early both days.  Back to cooler and drier weather for today, which made for a nice run of almost 5 miles.  Looking forward to a 5k on Sunday.  In other news, my sister has come down with Covid.  She's been vaccinated and boosted, so we're hoping her illness won't be serious.  Right now it's the intermittent fever that causes her the most grief.

                              5k 23:48.45 (3/22); 4M 31:26 (2/22); 5M 39:24 (11/21); 10k 50:32 (10/21); Half 1:50:46 (4/22)

                              Upcoming race(s): Crest Best Half Marathon, 10/9

                              Aspiring Hobby Jogger

                                Piwi - Awesome week!

                                Mark - Sorry you weren't feeling so well last week, but thankful you're on the mend.

                                James - Sounds like you played it pretty smart with the injuries.

                                Hashiritai - Nice week and great LR.
                                There are definitely a lot of super-straight roads around here. Out of curiosity I checked the one that goes right passed my neighborhood - if I started from a "T" intersection where it ends ~4.5mi/7k to my west I could run straight east on it for ~27mi/43.5km before it deviates from a straight line.

                                Flavio - Your training and its top-speed focus intrigues me, it's always fun to watch. Best of luck as the cycle continues.
                                Who volunteers to help with your weighted pushups?

                                DWave - Crazy week. Hopefully you get those various pharmaceutical-related businesses sorted out soon.

                                Pretty decent week that was quite warm through Friday, though we've had a major cold front come through and since then we've had highs equal to our lows earlier in the week and my hard-won Garmin "heat acclimation" is dropping rapidly.


                                Weekly for period: From: 05/16/2022 To 05/22/2022

                                Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                                in ft
                                05/16 8x 1k + 4x 200m 13.30 21.40 01:37:16 07:19 04:33 289
                                05/16 1 heron 4.10 6.60 00:33:29 08:10 05:04 167
                                05/17 3 rabbits & 1 armadillo 8.10 13.04 01:10:48 08:44 05:26 279
                                05/18 1 great horned owl & 1 deer (1 stride) 12.51 20.12 01:46:59 08:33 05:19 591
                                05/18 1 herd of jackasses in the sun 4.50 7.24 00:39:00 08:40 05:23 171
                                05/19 Overslept and I'm still tired 6.26 10.07 00:55:09 08:49 05:29 203
                                05/20 6 progressive miles 11.01 17.71 01:22:19 07:29 04:39 538
                                05/20 1 red-eared slider & the school coach 4.05 6.52 00:34:24 08:30 05:17 187
                                05/21 Lunch Run 4.15 6.68 00:36:33 08:48 05:28 256
                                05/22 2 owls, 2 raccoons, & 1 rabbit 15.15 24.38 02:05:43 08:18 05:09 666

                                Total distance: 83.13mi

                                5k: 18:05 8/22 │ 10k: 37:55 9/21 │ HM: 1:23:22 4/22 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


                                Upcoming Races:


                                Wurst Race Half - 10/8

                                Toyota Music Factory Half - 11/13

                                CIM - 12/4