Running! From chubby to hopefully fit? (Read 91 times)


    I've gained about 40 pounds since graduating high school. I haven't really exercised at all in four years, and I have just been sitting at a desk job. I've noticed quite a belly forming on myself, and getting winded all the time. So! My goal right now is to be able to jog 2 miles without stopping. Currently, I can jog for .5 miles at a very slow pace, I'll try and run around 5 days a week, and I really hope I can stick to it. After each run, I'll type out a summary and any questions I have.


    Thanks for the support!!


    Info About myself


    Height 5'11''

    Weight 200Lbs

    Age 22

    Medical Info

    Type 1 diabetic since age 4


      Run #1



      Distance- 3.6 Miles

      Time- 1:00:24

      Pace- 16:49 per mile.... Yikes!


      First run! Mentally I felt great, physically not so much Tongue About halfway in my right knee and hip started to feel sore, I'm guessing this was due to my bad form? Or just lack of movement for a while. My initial jog lasted around .68 miles before I started to walk, and after that It was on and off for the remaining run.


      Question time!

      #1 Is it helpful to have my heartrates listed out.

      #2 Hip and knee issue, could it be bad form, shoes, or what?

      #3 Do you think before and after pictures are helpful

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        Couple reactions / thoughts to your post...


        1. There are many, many 'New Runner Starting Out...' topics here in this section of the forums -- they are full of solid advice for getting underway. Worth reading through some.


        2. You need time on your feet to build up your body, running short little runs each day is certainly good, but longer walks and easy jogs are better.


        3. Logging your runs in the running log here on RunningAhead (it is, after all, a running log site first and foremost) will give you way more information over time than comments and notes.  Data loves scale, more data is more information.


        4. Running is for fitness, diet will drive your weight loss.

        I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day.


          For the first 8 weeks do a walk/run and take a day off between runs. Give yourself 2 months to run a continuous 2-3 miles. Progress during the 2 months starting with walk 2 min, jog 1 minute and go from there. You say, "that is wimpy".  I say this is smart. You have to be gradual or you will be done in 3 weeks from aches and pains. You already have with one run. Your body is telling you, "too much too soon"!


          I would also recommend every other day to allow pounding to adapt to pounding. Walking or biking is fine on off day or better yet, total strength training and core work to enhance running strength and njury prevention. It takes a long time for bones and soft tissue to adapt to the pounding. Trust me, be smart, be patient! It took a long time to get out of shape and it will take you some time to get in shape-generally months rather than weeks.

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            When I started running, I was about 30lbs heavier than you (similar height, 6' here). You can check my log and go back to April '12 to see how I started. The times/paces at the beginning were estimates, I didn't have a gps watch. I couldn't run around the block when I started, did a run/walk routine until I could run the whole loop, kept going from there.


            Consistency is the key, in running and weight loss. I also agree with milktruck's comment about your diet controlling weight loss. I've gone from 270+lb down to 180lbs, exercise helps, but most of that was getting my nutrition straight.


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