Favorite "Cheap" Marathon(s) (Read 347 times)

    How about a thread praising the virtues of marathons that cost under $100? Here are three of my favorites:


    Ridge to Bridge (NC) $90


    They'll be changing their name soon (legal reasons; plus the course changed since it started, doesn't end at a bridge anymore; I'm rooting for Plummet the Summit). Point to point course down a (small) mountain, net elevation loss 2700 feet. Very fast if your quads can take it. Beautiful scenery, fun group, nice pottery awards made by local artists.


    Grandfather Mountain (NC) $70


    Sort of the opposite of R2B, this one runs up a mountain. Ends at the Highland Games, so your last .2 is around a track in front of a big audience, among a bunch of big dudes throwing trees around in kilts and girls dancing without moving their arms.


    Umstead Marathon (NC) $65


    My favorite. Hilly course through Umstead Park. Finishers get a pint glass instead of a medal. Every year they have a new mascot, the identity of which is kept secret until packet pickup. This year we're rooting for possum. No AG awards, just a wood plaque in the shape of the mascot for the top fifteen men and women.


    What small/cheap races would you recommend to someone balking at the price tag of the Big Ones?


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        Virginia Creeper marathon only $10.


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          The Green Mountain Marathon in South Hero, VT. It's the 43rd annual running of the race this year (they know what they're doing) and it's $55 for the marathon.


          It does fill up at 750 runners though...

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            Make It By Midnight $45.. Macon,GA. July 13. Tiara before midnight. Pumpkin after midnight. http://racerpal.com/races/MIBM.html

            Run until the trail runs out.

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              The Green Mountain Marathon in South Hero, VT. It's the 43rd annual running of the race this year (they know what they're doing) and it's $55 for the marathon.


              It does fill up at 750 runners though...


              Really good race, but a couple of years ago they severely bumped up the price. When I did it the race cost $22.


              Another $10 race is the Roxbury (Conn) Marathon. I haven't done it, so I have no idea if it is good or not, but for $10 I'm willing to find out.

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                Modesto Marathon - $85.  Never done it but I hope I can get to it soon.  Looks flat and fast.

                  I'd be surprised if any marathon in Alaska charged as much as $100 to enter. Some of the larger road ones are close to $100, including price increases this year. I've only done Equinox (3500ft of up on loop course, hybrid trail/road but more trail, 50th event was in 2012) and Hatcher Pass (4000ft of up, about 1000ft of down on point-to-point gravel road course, fairly new). Organization is great in both of them. Yes, Alaskans like hills. Smile

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                    CIM - $85 if register during the first two weeks after the registration opens.

                      There are PLENTY of marathons under $100 if you time it right.


                      http://www.wineglassmarathon.com/marathon.html  Assuming you register before June.


                      Baltimore before August.


                      Philadelphia before May.


                      There are plenty more.


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                        Pocatello (Idado) was $45 when I did it. It was beautiful and well organized. I got a backpack that I still use, plus a bag of potatoes as a finishers prize!

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                          Flying Pig was just $75 when we signed up early.

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                            46th Annual ORRRC Marathon and 24th Annual ORRRC Half Marathon, Xenia, OH



                            The race is just $25 if you register early.  Race day registration is just $50.

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                              Tupelo marathon was inexpensive (?$70??) and I chose it because it was fairly close and timed right for what I needed. The "hills" are gentle and it can be a fast run. The problem can be the weather... sometimes it's cool, but when I ran it, it was around 75 at 5 AM.  The medal is awesome (although some may not appreciate the skulls... see a picture here... http://markrice.com/running/20120902_tupelo/20120902_race_report_tupelo.htm


                              Pensacola was inexpensive (maybe $70 again) even closer for me, and was a rewarding run. I was lucky with the cloud cover so the temps and conditions were great (except some bad wind). Average temps at the beginning are 60 and could get hot on a sunny day, but when I was there, it was great.

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