Favorite "Cheap" Marathon(s) (Read 347 times)


    46th Annual ORRRC Marathon and 24th Annual ORRRC Half Marathon, Xenia, OH



    The race is just $25 if you register early.  Race day registration is just $50.


    I do the half every year here. I don't train well for a full in winter. I've run the orrrc half for last 12 years will be doing the half this year. I like the Columbus marathon for my fall race.

    Demon of Bad Decisions


      The Myrtle Beach Marathon, and the weather is usually ideal except for one fluke year when it snowed. 

      It snowed an inch or two and they cancelled the race. If you pay for a race that isn't held, it turns out to be not such a great deal.  (Madison, Wisconsin's marathon has been cancelled three of the last six years.  You should just burn your money and save some frustration.)

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