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    Anybody have experience with Femoroacetabular impingement?

    I've been struggling with hip issues problems for a long time and was just diagnosed. Ortho suggests surgery to shave a spur off the femur. Recovery of up to 6 months (!?) has no appeal.


    Anybody have or know anyone who has had the bone shaving done? How was recovery? and what were the long term results?

    I'm on the fence about when/if to have the surgery done.

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      Hey!  I'll be having this surgery in March.  Recovery is supposed to be long despite it being arthroscopic.  I've been struggling with this for the past two years.  Rest, PT, and more conservative approaches didn't work for me.  I guess I would rather do this now while I am still relatively young than get my hip totally replaced before I turn 40.


      If you decide to explore the surgery route, make sure you have a very experienced surgeon - you don't want just any ol' ortho to do this.


      Is your labrum torn yet, or do you just have the impingement so far?


        Don't know if it's actually torn or just aggrevated. Ortho said a dye injection would be needed to fully assess the damage but if going in to shave the spur anyway, the amount of damage is immaterial.

        Why are you waiting until March?

        Refurbished Hip

          Ah, okay, so you haven't had the MRI with contrast yet then?  How much pain are you in?  I am able to run short distances at the moment, but nothing too long or too hard.


          March just worked better with my work schedule, and I'm not in enough pain that I can't make it for another 6 weeks.

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            My wife had it done on both hips, although her injuries were from trauma and likely much worse than what you're talking about. Walking or riding in a car for short distances was difficult. This was a few years ago now, but back then we determined that there were only about a half dozen surgeons in the country that really specialized in this procedure. I know others who've recovered fully from the surgery - I mountain biked the White Rim around the Canyonlands with one 6 weeks after her surgery. Anyhow, my impression is that the extent of recovery can depend on the extent of injury. Most labral tears (which is what is usually causing the impingement) are just a fraying. The frayed bits of the labrum can then be shaved away. Sometimes the hip capsule can be left intact, other times not. The removal of bone from the femoral head, apparently, isn't always necessary. However, when it is done, it makes weight bearing dangerous for the first several weeks post surgery. My wife also had to have her psoas tendon released a bit on one side. She got a great deal of relief from the surgeries, but she won't ever be anything like she was before the injuries.