I have a feeling RA might be getting more members from RW (Read 2858 times)

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    Hello.  I am new here Smile


    You look familiar....



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

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      You look familiar....


      PressEnter?  Meh.  Never heard of him.


        Perhaps opportunity van material ????  IIene please let me know if we need to do something about Jules!  I think he is harmless but you just never know with creepy old dudes.


        I might have forgot to say Howdy to the new invaders people so Howdy and Weclome!


        Yeah I'm done posting for the day.   .

         BCR, having looked at your avatar are you on the left or the right of the photo?

        Old age is when you move from illegal to prescribed drugs.


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          lol, first post and it goes to 12 pages.

          2017 goals:

          sub 1:30 half 




            If I want to breathe, I must keep moving.

            If I must keep moving, I choose to run walk, for now.


            BexKix, Bagel Defender

              As a survivor of the CoolRunningcaust in 2007 who walked thousands of miles to get to RA, I feel qualified to say that RA is not just a refugee camp, it's a home. Eric, the creator and Codegod (no worship or song necessary---but personally, I think there should be an Eric song), is always making the infrastructure better without drastic upheaval, and is always available. People love the training log, posts and pages load fast and are easy to read, AND you can start your own community within a community (user groups). The RA community is also getting very close to a 100% understanding of the difference between and usage of the words "loose" and "lose." Around here almost every single one of us "lose weight", and almost none "loose weight." Welcome. Cool



              Does this mean we should call this PluckCaust 2012? Or RWOLcaust 2012?  (That's not a dig, BTW.)

              I'd be happy if this turns out to be a nice home - which, people have been very welcoming!  Thanks.


              Grammar education = excellent!  Personally, I don't want to lose weight, I might find it again.  I want to be rid of it forever.  Wink


              ...and a special 'Alex the Lion' "Well, helllooooo there!" to the other RWOLBFites.

                My visits to RWOL have been fewer and fewer.  I'm glad someone suggested this place.  Looks like this last upgrade was the final straw for most people!


                I am embarrassed to say that my wife just bought me a new RW magazine subscription when my nephew was selling magazines for a school fundraiser! Blush 


                  PressEnter?  Meh.  Never heard of him.


                  I bet it because they wouldn't let me put the brackets on my username Angry



                  It's interesting to see people who came here from coolrunning.  I actually went to RWOL back in 2006 because I disliked the coolrunning forums.

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                    Can I stalk the beautiful women of the BF over here without fear of S*S's dungeon?



                    Hey, MW. I supposed R&R is one thing I would miss if I stayed here. My women's group has already migrated.


                    Not a dude

                      I would miss lurking in R&R and NRR. Smile
                      Meat Wagon


                        Hey, MW. I supposed R&R is one thing I would miss if I stayed here. My women's group has already migrated.




                        Well, if we can have the sensible people from there migrate here and divert the loony bin to LetsRun, I'd call that a win-win.


                        I'll still post on RWOL (and LR and ST), if there's traffic to justify it. I have pretty low standards.

                        Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.


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                          What is going on over here? 

                          I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member ~ Groucho Marx.

                            RWOL refugee, here. Thanks for providing such a cool site. I like the setup!

                            Running blows

                              Who let BIS in?


                              Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

                              Tar Heel Mom

                              In vino, veritas

                                Who let BIS in?


                                Who let you in?